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Custom Pet Leads
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Product Highlights

  • Available in 20mm or 25mm widths
  • Ideal for promoting local vets, pet food stores and animal shelters
  • Screen print in any pantone colour, up to 5 colours per design
  • Included Fittings: Heavy duty 'G' clip

As an ideal option for both promoting your brand’s presence and keeping your companion at bay, our custom printed pet leads give you the chance to show off your website and contact details on our range of styles and colours. Choose from pantone screen printing or full colour dye sublimation.


In Stock Material Colours

From the options below, just let us know which you would like in the notes section of our "Request a Quote" form.

Lanyard Stock Colours

Please note that other material colours are available, see below for more information (custom colour Pantone dye fee may apply)

Additional Print & Material Colours

Browse our Pantone chart for a full range of available custom dyed material and screen print colours.

Print & Material Colours


Material Widths Available

From the options below, just let us know which you would like in the notes section of our "Request a Quote" form.

20mm (0.75 in), and 25mm (1 in). Custom widths available.

Standard Length

1200mm (47.25 in) before being sewn. Custom lengths available.


These custom pet leads are extremely durable due to the heavy duty stitching used to make them. Although the standard length for each lead is 1200mm, you can customize your order of pet leads to any length that is suitable to your specific needs.

You can choose to have your leashes 20mm wide or 25mm wide. However, the size and dimensions of these durable pet leashes aren’t the only things that can be customized. Your businesses name or logo can be put on each leash, along with the colour of your choosing. These custom leashes are ideal for animal friendly establishments. Such as a vets office, a pet shop, or an animal shelter. They can be given to loyal customers, employees, or they can be handed out to promote an animal shelter at a special event.

Are Branded Pet Leads Really A Good Promo Item?

Are you looking for creative ways to promote your business? Do you want your promotional items to be visually pleasing as well as functional? If your answer is yes then you definitely need to have a look at custom pet leads. These leads can be made exactly how you want them and promote your business in a creative way. As the world comes to realize the importance of pets and their love for their owners, more and more people are buying them and making them a part of their families. This is good news for your business if you consider using pet leads for promotional purposes.

Why Are Custom Pet Leashes A Great Promotional Product?

If you stay in touch with news about how new businesses promote their brands, you must have heard about many different ideas for promotional products including USB flash drives to unique and geeky toys. Why businesses choose those items is because they are portable, and thus the idea of marketing and promotion is really strengthened. But an item like a custom pet leash leaves them far behind when it comes to functionality, visual appeal and portability. When you travel with a USB flash drive, it stays in your pocket or the laptop bag.

On the other hand, your pet leash is always exposed to the world as you take your companion out for a walk. With flashy and bright colours, which are easily available now, people are forced to notice the leash. Not to mention, pet leashes are quite affordable compared to other commonly used electronic promotional items.

How Can You Use Pet Leads For Promotion?

The options to promote with custom printed pet leads are endless. The first and most basic way of promoting is by giving your employees your logo printed leads. Your employees can use them for their pets or give them to their loved ones. There is no chance that a pet lead will go unused. The best way to give them to your employees and make the experience memorable is to hold a pet event at your company. During the event you can reward your employees and their pets with some nice gifts, and also distribute the leads to the participants and/or attendees.

If you have been invited to be a part of some external pet event, you can distribute the custom pet leads through your stall. Who can say no to a free gift at an event like this? You can also use your business connections to promote your branded leads. Think about giving a few hundred to each doctor that is on your panel. You can ask them to give the leads to pet owners who come to them for their pet needs. If you entertain guests as part of your business, you can benefit greatly from these pet leads. This tangible little gift for your guests can really strengthen your bond with them.

Hotels and resort businesses, which allow pets in the buildings, can give a great start to the relationship with their guests by putting their branded leads around pets as soon as they arrive. There are also other creative ways to promote your brand with custom printed leads. For example, some pets have become great internet celebrities with their YouTube videos. If you could get the owner to use your custom printed lead on an internet famous dog, it could really prove to be a great benefit for you. Animal shelters are some more places where you can give some free leads to show your care and concern for the pets.

Why Choose Lanyards Factory For Your Custom Printed Pet Leashes?

Dynamic Gift Canada is proud to fulfill your custom printed pet leash orders. The first reason why our customers choose us and why you should too is the level of customization we offer. With our pet leashes you have the option to customize not only the printing but also the length, width and colour too. We have dozens of colours for you to pick from. Our standard leash is 1200mm in length but you can order the size that suits your needs. Similarly, we offer several width options for your leash; 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. We believe in our product and can guarantee you that our strong stitching can beat our competitors' products.

When it comes to printing, we offer smooth, vivid and the finest printing you can get on a pet leash. If you are not sure what artwork will work on your leashes, you can leave it to us to create an artwork from the beginning. Once you have confirmed the artwork, we can go ahead and start getting your merchandise ready. We are also easiest promotional item company to work with as our minimum orders are quite low.

Pricing Information
$1.99 to $3.80 each
Minimum Order: 100

Pricing may vary based on quantity, print and delivery requirements. Use our quick form below for your personalized quote today!

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