Custom drinkware & accessories given as branded corporate gifts in Canada now used to enjoy hot and cold beverages.

Logo Branded Drinkware Sets & Beverage Accessories for Corporate VIPs

When it comes to business gifting, corporate branded mugs are a great choice – but why stop there? With so much variety available from executive travel mugs to custom beer accessories you can go for those traditional favourites or change it up to suit your needs and whatever you select – adding your own custom branded message or logo to it is a great way to show that personal touch that means so much in gifting.

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What are the best mugs for business gifting?

When it comes to executive gifts, we know imprinted mugs are a huge favourite – but what type of mug is the right style for you? Choosing corporate logo mugs can be tough, but don’t worry – we’re here to help! For a great place to start, think about where your corporate gift mugs are likely to be used. People who work in places where their new mug might get scraped or a little roughly treated might benefit from a set that is engraved, as engraving is traditionally a little harder wearing than something that is printed. Another great question to ask yourself is “Who are the intended audience for my business gifts?” while browsing through all your options. Corporate branded mugs are available in a variety of styles and finishes but a sleek and upscale office setting might not appreciate those funky but definitely bright multicoloured mugs that clash with their carefully selected colour scheme – no matter how well intended the gift! In short, there is no “right answer” for what type of branded mug you should choose, but once you start by considering these starter questions you are in a strong position to make the right choice to suit you and your recipients needs. If you are still not quite sure then you can always message us for more help!

Why are drinkware gifts for businesses so popular?

There’s little doubt that corporate drinkware gift sets are a hugely popular choice – but why? It could be the sheer variety of options available, with options from corporate wine gifts to custom travel mugs for business – choosing something tailored to suit your recipient’s style and needs is easy when you select executive drinkware gifts, there are even branded wine tools that can be easily personalized with your logo or important message. With so many choices, this makes it clearer why these items are so prominent in gifting, but if we dig a little deeper then we can see that there are even more benefits!

Branding options – Corporate drinkware gift sets and items like executive coffee mugs often come with multiple imprint options for your logo or custom message, so it can be a little overwhelming! From selecting your own debossed corporate wine gifts to selecting that visually appealing and easy to notice colour printed option for your logo on executive travel mugs, creating what you want and what you have in mind for your recipients is easy when you work with us for imprinted drinkware.

Utility – Most of us love a novelty or gag gift, but they can quickly end up forgotten and gathering dust, and a gift that isn’t being used is a gift that perhaps didn’t hit the mark for your recipient. The good news is that when it comes to corporate gifts, custom mugs for business are an incredibly useful option. With so many people having a favourite cup, glass or travel mug – getting your brand onto something convenient that can be used repeatedly is easy when you choose from our corporate drinkware gift sets.

How corporate gifts can benefit you – even if you are the one distributing them!

We all want to say thank-you to those who matter to us, but did you know that by choosing custom branded drinkware for your business gifts you get some benefit too? By placing your brand message or company logo on anything from corporate wine gift bags to custom corporate logo mugs you are creating something that reminds its new owner who gave them this highly useful item each time they reach for it. Repetition in marketing has been linked to raising brand awareness with viewers, so that’s not only a great gift you are giving but one that can potentially help your company at the same time! Or maybe you decide on something like corporate wine gifts and get your information or logo involved in those parties and get-togethers, even when you can’t be there in person.

Whatever you decide on, it seems clear that when it comes to business gifts, custom branded drinkware is popular not just for one reason – but for many! So, if you are interested in adding your branding to a product that has caught your eye, why not get in touch with us today? Let’s get started on the road to great gifting this season!