Three images of people preparing food in the kitchen. One couple is making spaghetti in a Canadian culinary class. Another image shows a close-up of a custom kitchen knife cutting a bell pepper. The last image is of a family making dinner together on the weekend.

Custom Branded Kitchen Knife Gift Sets for Practical Branded Business Gifting

With nearly everyone making their own food at home, giving a gift like custom printed kitchen knives can help make this task easier! These sturdy knives can help with those everyday chores like prepping, dicing and more. Give your clients something that could last them for years to come and be in use on a daily basis! Give your brand the chance to be on display in homes and kitchens, keeping your custom message close to hand. Visit our selection of custom logo kitchen knife sets to start finding the perfect corporate gift for those culinary fans who matter to your business.

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Be a part of the home-made food trend!

Gone are the days of us dragging down that one dusty cookbook and groaning over the boring options in it. In the last few years, people's interest in home cooking seems to have skyrocketed. With this comes more cooking shows, internet blogs and of course… famous chefs! Part of this could be down to the increasing need to save money by not dining out but another factor seems to be that we just like our home cooking more! With so many recipes and tutorials available, cooking has gone from a chore to something anyone can have fun with and creating delicious meals is easier than ever before. With this spike in interest comes the need for the tools to create these recipes – after all the meal might change, but the items that we need to make it usually stay the same! This makes promotional knives a valuable addition to almost any home setting, giving you a chance to get your brand onto something that will be used again and again.

Great for rewards and loyalty programs

Not sure what to choose for your incentive program? It can be tricky as something people aren’t really interested in isn’t an incentive! Custom knife gift sets can be a great choice when it comes to imprinted items to encourage customer loyalty or hard-working staff! With so many people cooking at home, yet so many unable to buy quality cooking tools due to the cost – custom kitchen knives are a great option when trying to decide just how to encourage business and create interesting incentive schemes. It doesn’t stop there either! If you run a restaurant or a cafe, classy items like promotional knives can be great for raffles and prize draws and they come with the added bonus of the winner taking your custom printed message home with them! Sounds good right?

Get associated with quality and luxury

Sometimes getting the association we want for our business can be tricky, especially when it comes to elegance and style. One person’s idea of stylish could be another's idea of a fashion nightmare – this makes clothing, accessories and even some promotional items a bit chancy. Personalized kitchen knife sets are timeless, appealing and a fantastic way to get your name linked to the positive associations you need to succeed. With many sets coming with their own storage boxes when not in use, that finished, professional touch that matters so much to people is easy to achieve with these amazing products that will likely be around for years to come, keeping your important information with it.

Choose a gift that’s useful for your clients and friends

No one likes a poorly thought out gift, whatever the cost! An item that has no use is money wasted, whether you are a business or not. Promotional knives are highly useful and a great gift choice for anyone looking to show their appreciation in a tasteful and more exclusive manner. Stop thinking about those novelty gnomes you were considering; they might be cute (maybe) but do you really want to run the risk of your investment being thrown out? Say thank you in a manner that gives you the positive reflection you deserve and choose custom kitchen knives today!

Working with us will help make sure you don’t end up with more than you can handle!

Whether you are looking for engraved kitchen knives, imprinted kitchenware or something else entirely – working with a trustworthy and time-tested promotional company can make the difference between an easy campaign and a big headache. Since we’re located in Canada, our business hours are probably a better match to your own (because no one likes to wait days for replies due to time zones!), plus we have experienced and helpful staff ready to answer your questions. Our company also offers fast quote times and an in-house artwork service, along with great advice for anyone who wants to get their idea off that wish list and into reality. Contact us today and let's get started on that next big thing together!