Business employees carry their custom printed laptop bags and messenger backpacks around Toronto after receiving them as gifts.

Branded Laptop Bags & Backpacks Offer Business Gifts for People On the Move

Custom printed messenger and laptop bags are ready to get your brand in touch with the needs of the modern consumer. These bags effortlessly combine utility and comfort to offer a practical item sought after by a wide age group range. From high school students to busy corporate executives, most of us need to take tech with us on the move. Branded laptop bags and messenger bags can help make that experience more secure, less stressful and easier to achieve. Showcase your message on products that have the potential to blend seamlessly into Canadian's busy life schedules by selecting your bags for branded business gifts here.

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The Value of Office Backpacks & Bags for Businesses

Looking to elevate your custom corporate gifting game? Consider the trendy and practical option of branded laptop bags and messenger bags for your Canadian business. Bags and backpacks custom printed with logos have risen to become a staple in the professional world, encompassing both style and functionality. Looking at the popularity of messenger bags for branded business gift ideas and marketing incentives sounds like a great way to "bag" yourself quality products for clients – let's explore some more of the perks and benefits.

What Exactly Are Branded Laptop Bags?

You have probably heard the term around, and of course, you know what a bag and a laptop are, but what makes custom laptop bags different? These handy products might look like ordinary backpacks and messenger bags from the outside – but they are designed with a key purpose in mind – to protect the owner's laptop or tablet. So how do they do this and excel where generic bags fall short? Keep reading to discover some of the great features these bags often offer.

  • Protection: Whether it's in the form of a case, extra padding or both, custom printed laptop bags and backpacks are typically designed with extra cushioning. With everyday travel rarely being smooth or even uncrowded – an unprotected piece of tech on the move is at risk of small or even serious damage. Promo laptop bags offer a convenient way to help make that expensive tech safer while on the move.
  • Security: Taking your laptop on a commute in a tote might sound like an inexpensive and even thrifty way to beat the system, but ultimately you might end up paying more than you thought. Printed laptop backpacks offer a zippered exterior and often an additional interior storage compartment designed specifically for laptops to be stowed in. With extra storage within your zippered bag, it becomes less easy for opportunistic hands to help themselves. This means that not only are laptop bags great for storage – they can also help promote peace of mind while transporting expensive tech.
  • Ease of Use: Who wants to be on the subway trying to find a place to stand while holding their laptop? Or trusting the trunk of their car with loose tech or office essentials during rush hour? Customized laptop bags for businesses provide an ongoing convenient solution to moving fragile tech from point A to B and back again. Easy to pick up and carry, taking important items along with those everyday essentials for work can still be hands-free with backpacks and bags – making them practical for work, school and more.

With so many benefits (and these are just some of the points we think are most important,) it's easy to see why personalized backpacks for laptops are so popular in Canada.

Custom Satchel Bags, Versatile & Functional

Originating in the 1950s, this style was once the staple for delivery people and is still popular with cyclists and non-vehicular delivery services today. In the modern day, branded messenger bags have never really gone away and their evolution into the corporate world has led to a resurgence in popularity. The functional design typically includes storage for small essentials and even laptops, and the large front flap helps keep items contained and secure. The interest in the business world for a practical method of transporting everyday office essentials has created marketing opportunities and a practical branded corporate gift solution for valued clients. With the business world becoming ever more intertwined and mobile, the need to take office essentials on the go is important and promotional satchel bags are ready to be the solution. Their adaptation from their original material and use might have changed, but their purpose remains the same. Logo messenger bags can help make busy people's lives more streamlined and organized with their easy-to-carry, practical style and design.

What Styles of Custom Branded Laptop Bags Are Available?

Now we have covered a little about messenger bags – what about laptop backpacks and bags with your branding on them? Unlike satchel bags, this style of bag has changed its design more significantly over the years, resulting in two distinct categories – those carried on the shoulder or by hand with one strap and those that rest on the back with two. With brands like OGIO being a popular choice for customized business bags in Canada, it seems like Canadians just can't get enough of imprinted bags for their tech.

  • Custom briefcase laptop bags: These items add an elegant touch of professionalism to corporate attire, and with appearance mattering even in business, this style of bag could be the perfect final accessory to that put-together image that your client wants to convey. Printed women's laptop bags also offer more room than smaller purses - making them a great business gift for career go-getters who need practical everyday items.
  • Promotional Backpacks for Laptops: A great rugged allrounder, these bags are ideal for keeping hands-free and tech easily stowed. Often offering more room than custom business briefcases, they are ideal for taking more than just laptops and can accommodate notepads, textbooks and more. This style is popular with college students and could be great customized corporate gifts for employees who have to commute.

Printed Business Bags & Practical Corporate Gifting

Creating executive-style branded business rewards in Canada can be tricky. Does this person like wine? Does that one like chocolate? With everyone having their preferences and styles and you maybe not knowing everyone who works with your business on a personal level, there's no doubt that corporate reward ideas can quickly reduce even seasoned shoppers to a pile of confusion. Branded laptop bags give your company the potential to create something that is both practical and luxurious. With brand names like OGIO, Nike and more, you can create recognized names that demonstrate the value of your gift...without being tacky and leaving the price tag on. Showing appreciation matters in business as much as in the personal world, and laptop bags with low minimums offer great rewards and recognition gifts.

Laptop Backpacks with Logos - Great for Students & Staff

Providing quality items like customized laptop bags means the chance for your message to go the distance. With students and schools using laptops frequently and young adults needing to take a mobile form of electronic to lectures and study groups, PCs often just don't cut it. Creating laptop bags means you can give people a useful item for school, but the value of your investment might go further than you think. Many of these bags are made from high-quality materials. Added durability means a longer-lasting product and even a chance for your brand to graduate with the bag's owner! Going from college to new employment, a favourite bag could be used for years to come, working hard for your important message. What about those who have left their school years behind? Students aren't the only ones who could benefit from promo laptop bags, that's for sure. With so many of us now working at different locations or in hybrid careers - the need for tech is becoming increasingly more mobile. Printed laptop bags give your clients a useful way to transport their essentials while staying up to date with modern employment needs. Get Your Brand Travelling with Promo Laptop Backpacks Now we have covered the pros for those lucky enough to get your customized business bags as a corporate gift or marketing reward - what about your branding? The great news is that logo backpacks can benefit more than just your recipients. With the brand location typically in an easy-to-notice place and with backpacks often at eye level while on the move - you can create mobile billboards for your business at a fraction of the price. Wherever your backpacks and business bags travel, your message will be right along with it for people to notice in libraries, offices, cafes and on commutes.

Creating Custom Backpacks in Canada

We are ready to get your brand off the drawing board and into the hands of your recipients, whatever the season. Customized laptop bags offer quality rewards – but they still need great quality branding to make your business gifts complete. Our company offers Canadian office hours to better match up with your time zone, an experienced sales team and an art department ready to answer your questions and get you started. Inquire today to begin and let's say goodbye to inconvenient tech transportation and hello world to a more hassle-free future.