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Handing out a business card is great – but what about those occasions when something a little more is needed, or maybe just something different? Perhaps the person you’re networking with is someone who could really help your company and you just can’t afford for your information to lie forgotten in their wallet or car. Not only standing out, but being remembered is an increasingly difficult task in this busy world, but not with trendy tech gadgets from Dynamic Gift Canada! You can easily have a custom printed item that is sure to help your brand stay in focus for those important clients.

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  1. white circle shaped wireless phone charger with example of use in corner
    Quincy Wireless Charger
    Priced from $9.40 to $13.70
  2. Earbuds
    Priced from $2.72 to $4.24
  3. orange with silver accents USB car charger with black logo
    USB Car Charger
    Priced from $2.07 to $3.38
  4. Gaurda Earbuds In A Case
    Gaurda Earbuds In A Case
    Priced from $2.92 to $4.54
  5. Amp 2200mAh Power Bank
    Amp 2200mAh Power Bank
    Priced from $8.53 to $10.75
  6. Touch Screen Gloves
    Touch Screen Gloves
    Priced from $6.55 to $10.18
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Practical but not boring!

The definition of gadget is described as ‘a small mechanical or electronic device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one’. Simply put, this means a combination of portability, eye-catching individuality and something that also solves a consumer need – what could be better for advertising with? It’s a hopeful yet sadly unrealistic dream that your business card will be carried into every corporate meeting around the area and gathered around – what would be the purpose of such a thing? But a branded tech gadget is likely to be used in meetings and conferences, even if you aren’t invited! From those handy USB sticks to take to that Monday 9am, to custom printed power banks to charge information sharing devices, get into the places that matter and don’t get left on the other side of the glass with these handy items from Dynamic Gift Canada.

Being useful to those who matter

Often creating any kind of promotional item can be tricky and one of the biggest hurdles is choosing something that lowers the risk of it being tossed aside and lost, taking your message and investment down with it to the murky depths of that forgotten household drawer. Being useful is key and when we stop to consider just how much of a huge part of our day to day lives technology really is, it gives huge support to choosing tech gadgets as your next promo product. These lightweight, problem solving (because who doesn’t know the anguish of seeing their phone at 3% with 6 hours of the working day left?) items are a fantastic pick for any company looking to choose a trendy, affordable item that won’t be left behind.

Not just for work

With the age of VHS tapes now talked about like they existed alongside the dinosaurs, and DVDs rapidly heading the same way, electronics are becoming increasingly reduced to portable, transferable, and above all, virtual data. This may be bad news for our ageing media collections but good news for companies looking to invest in something useful that will get out in public where it needs to be. From music that has gone from boom boxes to being able to store unlimited songs on phones, to taking a movie over to a friend’s house on a USB drive, getting with the times is easy and doesn’t have to be expensive. Get on trend and get into the home and workspace at the same time with this simple purchase available from us today.

Remembering you

Whether it’s ear buds, chargers or even tech gloves you decide on – choosing an item that is likely to be in daily use is a great way to remind those who matter about your existence and our custom printed products help do just that. Each time in the day they pull out your product they will be reminded of you and grateful you gave them something that they can use, helping create a more positive name for you and your company with minimum effort! With such eye-catching items others are likely to comment on your chosen item too, helping further advertising and company awareness without the dreaded expense that can come with large scale advertising.

Standing out

At Dynamic Gift Canada as well as thousands of products we offer a wide range of colour options, giving you more choice and that’s before you even get into creating your own custom logo or slogan to finish it off. Help get you and your company the attention you deserve at trade shows, conferences and more with these handy, custom created items. Whatever you choose, imprinting your message in the minds of your target audience with these items is simple, affordable and, when working with our dedicated team, simple. So why not contact us today to get started?