On Trend Earth Friendly Promo Items & Reusable Custom Printed Products

Companies that are keen to minimize their carbon footprint at the same time as promoting themselves to a wider audience will find many items in our range of green & Eco friendly products that are cheap to buy and that will help to boost their environmental credentials. We offer printing or heat stamping on a lot of our products and a completely free mock up service to give you the an accurate view of what you are ordering, prior to production.

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  1. full colour large stripey tote with white logo
    Large Stripey Recycled Tote
    Priced from $3.87 to $6.06
  2. rainbow recycled fashion tote with white logo
    Recycled Fashion Tote
    Priced from $2.62 to $3.92
  3. natural kraft paper pen with green trim and white print
    Recycled Paper Barrel Pen
    Priced from $0.98 to $1.18
  4. stripey mini tote with black sides and handles and white logo
    Mini Stripey Recycled Tote
    Priced from $3.02 to $4.68
  5. Recycled PET Fibre Lanyards
    Recycled PET Fibre Lanyards
    Priced from $0.95 to $4.85
  6. Syracuse Bamboo Cover Notebook
    Syracuse Bamboo Cover Notebook
    Priced from $8.80 to $13.94
  7. Direct Print Seeded Paper Wristbands
    Direct Print Seeded Paper Wristbands
    Priced from $0.49 to $0.78
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Popular opinion

Whatever your personal thoughts on global warming, pollution and the conservation of resources, there is no doubt that consumers are becoming more and more switched on to environmental concerns and any company that does not take notice of this fact could well be left behind by more proactive competitors.

Long-term strategies

Buying promotional merchandise that has been manufactured from recycled materials is not enough on its own to convince potential customers that you mean business as far as reducing your carbon footprint is concerned but it will definitely help to reassure people that you are leaving no stone unturned in your quest to minimise the impact that your company’s activities have on the natural world.

In order to convince consumers and business clients that you are serious about the environment, you should conduct a top to bottom analysis of your operations and make positive changes wherever possible. These changes can be advertised using our range of green marketing products to maximise the effect that your new strategy has on turnover and profitability.

Choosing the right merchandise

A hydro powered water clock that can be printed with your company name and a short marketing message could make an excellent gift for visiting clients that will help to ensure your organization is always the first to come to mind when they need to place an order.

Other environmentally friendly products in our range that can be personalized with your corporate logo and company name include Bamboo fibre lanyards, notebooks made from recycled paper and wooden rulers designed especially for the environmentally conscious. Keen prices and rapid turnaround times mean that these items are not only eco-friendly but convenient and inexpensive too.

Sticky notes, erasers and disposable pens are used in offices all over the world, making them a great choice when looking for green items that will be used and appreciated by those to whom they are presented. If you would prefer to present your clients with something a little different, you might like to consider our USB swivel drive or pen bin, both of which have been designed to promote a greater awareness of the steps that individuals and companies can take to help in the global effort to reduce waste and the output of greenhouse gases.

Value for money

As with all the marketing giveaways that we sell, those that can be found in this category represent excellent value for money and are sure to be well received when given as gifts to both existing and potential clients.