Imprinted Trending Drink Bottles at Competitive Prices

Selecting an advertising or promo product that appeals to everyone can be tough, so finding something we all do and need tools for, however basic, is often the key to success. We don’t all exercise, we don’t all go to the same places and do the same things but whatever we do, wherever we go and whoever we are, we all need to drink. This makes branded drink bottles from Dynamic Gift Canada a great advertising choice for you and your business.

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  1. 24oz royal blue water bottle with yellow logo
    Easy Squeeze 24oz Promo Bottle
    Priced from $2.04 to $2.94
  2. two images of 750mL black sports bottle showing front view with white logo and side view both with black lids
    Functionista 750mL Sports Bottle
    Priced from $2.98 to $4.40
  3. 32oz blue translucent retro bottle with dark blue logo
    32oz Retro Bottle
    Priced from $2.54 to $3.12
  4. 26oz blue aluminum bottle with blue and silver carabiner and white and green logo
    Santa Fe 26oz Aluminum Bottle
    Priced from $5.27 to $6.63
  5. A translucent red 24oz 3 sided water bottle with a red push-pull lid and a white logo
    Trinity Bottle (24oz)
    Priced from $2.13 to $2.72
  6. A 1L royal blue squeeze bottle with a white logo
    Valais 1L Squeeze Bottle
    Priced from $5.62 to $8.52
  7. 500mL purple aluminum bottle with black lid purple and silver carabiner and a pink logo
    Duhrbray Aluminum Bottle (500mL)
    Priced from $5.60 to $8.56
  8. 700mL translucent red water bottle with white logo
    Grip N Sip Bottle 700mL
    Priced from $2.13 to $2.72
  9. 24oz translucent green sports bottle with black and green lid and black and orange logo
    Amazon 24oz Sports Bottle
    Priced from $3.73 to $5.61
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The need

With throw away single use cups rapidly becoming taboo as their detriment to the environment becomes more well known, consumers are quickly looking around for more lasting alternatives. This combined with the fact even if you find a paper cup watering hole on your travels, navigating through crowded shopping malls with it could be tricky to say the least, its easy to see why reusable drink bottles are on trend and looking to stay that way for years to come. Create an item that is not only eye catching and unique but that also fulfils a genuine need for those important to you with these handy branded products.

The appeal

Custom print items are highly sought after, because everyone wants a quick way of picking out what is ‘theirs’. From putting your bottle to the side during a fitness class, to leaving it in a safe storage while going on rides at theme parks and having to scramble to get your belongings at the end, our personal belongings often need to be well – personal! That’s why we offer a wide range of styles and visually appealing colours to help make your chosen product really stand out from the crowd and that’s before you have even got around to deciding on your custom printed logo! Stand out to the owner of your product and the public surrounding them with these highly customisable and visually appealing items from Dynamic Gift Canada today.

The uses

From gyms looking to reward their customers or encourage sign up bonuses, to festival stands who know not everyone wants to, or even can pay $50 for a single bottle of water – imprinted beverage containers are a popular, versatile product that could be customized to suit almost any event and still be relevant. From lodges running summer events that want an on trend, but universal item that will get their company remembered long after the summer is gone, to gift shops looking for something that will appeal to a wide age range and remain in use, the only limit to this products usefulness really is with our imagination.

The savings

Custom printed drinkware offers the benefit of savings not only for your company, but also the end user at the same time. With durable, long lasting advertising for you without the economic pinch that can come with large scale advertising and the savings your customers will make by not needing single use drinks that can be very pricey, these items offer a mutual economic bonus to both purchaser and end user! We can drink to that!


Last but not least, we have the item itself – the humble yet mighty drink bottle. With a wide range of sizes for different lifestyles and tasks as well as easy open and shut drinking caps these products are designed for those on the go, which is almost everyone! Even with the cap in the open position, the risk of dirt and contaminants getting inside is much lower than an open surface drink container. This makes them a great choice for outside work or leisure or even places like public transport where we can’t avoid standing next to people but would like to avoid them breathing on our beverages. We also offer options with carabineer clip attachments, perfect for quickly and safely attaching to hiking bags, work bags, whatever the need – leaving the recipients hands free and clear to go about their day, something they will surely thank you and your company for.

Tip the bottle to good advertising

With all this in mind, it’s clear that these promo items are a great advertising choice- but why choose us? Well from our team of highly skilled staff helping get your idea off the ground and into reality to our highly competitively priced products that offer no compromise on quality, its easy to see why Dynamic Gift Canada is a popular choice that won’t let you down so why not contact us today and get started?