Order Custom Trendy Giveaways for Your Next Conference or Trade Show

Contact us now using our quick quote form and let our team make sure you're the talk of the trade show with your custom printed promotional giveaways! We supply everything you'd expect for trade show giveaways, as well as some cool gadgets you'd never expect! From pens, water bottles and power banks to fidget spinners and custom koozies... we've got you covered. Enquire today and let's get started on your trade show project now!

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  1. full colour large stripey tote with white logo
    Large Stripey Recycled Tote
    Priced from $3.87 to $6.06
  2. stripey mini tote with black sides and handles and white logo
    Mini Stripey Recycled Tote
    Priced from $3.02 to $4.68
  3. rainbow recycled fashion tote with white logo
    Recycled Fashion Tote
    Priced from $2.62 to $3.92
  4. natural kraft paper pen with green trim and white print
    Recycled Paper Barrel Pen
    Priced from $0.98 to $1.18
  5. white circle shaped wireless phone charger with example of use in corner
    Quincy Wireless Charger
    Priced from $11.40 to $18.26
  6. Earbuds
    Priced from $3.28 to $5.04
  7. A 1L royal blue squeeze bottle with a white logo
    Valais 1L Squeeze Bottle
    Priced from $5.62 to $8.52
  8. Gaurda Earbuds In A Case
    Gaurda Earbuds In A Case
    Priced from $3.68 to $5.78
  9. two images of 750mL black sports bottle showing front view with white logo and side view both with black lids
    Functionista 750mL Sports Bottle
    Priced from $5.23 to $7.98
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Conference giveaways. Why you need to be giving people gifts

With the world becoming ever more virtual – trade shows remain one of the last and most valuable ways to network in person. Taking part in these events is a great way to raise visibility and even connect with people who can further your interests with a few emails or phone calls. But being at the trade show does not mean anything unless you plan ahead! Think of the last trade show you went to, how many stalls were there? How many companies whose business overlapped or mimicked your own were right there also? How many of them used trade show giveaways to their advantage? It’s no good going to an event and setting up only to blend in with your competitors, or worse, be overlooked entirely.

Firstly you have to get the attention of customers who are often tired from walking all day, too hot or too cold, or just plain brain fried from too much information in a short amount of time. A great way to do this is by offering free stuff! Who doesn’t like free? Who is going to pass by and think ‘oh no thank you, I prefer to pay for my pens / water bottles / lip balms’? Draw those customers in by choosing any of our eye catching trade show giveaway items that come in a huge range of bright colours and custom options that are sure to bring the crowds to you.

Small product – big advertising

Not only will giving out these conference essentials allow you the opportunity to explain your company and what it is about (even if it means while you are grimly holding on to the other end of your promo product and speaking at double speed) – but it also means that long after the show is over, customers are gleefully carrying your branded promo item with them, believing that they got a great gift for nothing when it is actually valuable advertising and brand awareness for your business!
With the majority of our custom printed trade show giveaways being small and lightweight, it means you are placing your logo or message onto an item that will likely travel to and from several places and constantly be in use. Handy branded promo items from Dynamic Gift Canada will remind your potential customers of meeting you at the trade show, and maybe even spark interest with their friends and family who didn’t get the chance to meet you!

Functional or fun? We have both!

We understand that not every trade show is the same, as much as every business has unique needs. This is why we offer such a large variety of custom printed products to choose from. Take the opportunity to make your brand really stand out with one of our funky fidget spinners, or cater to those of a practical nature with our double ended trolley tokens – whatever your target audience is, we have items suited to them and your event right here!

Low cost – long advertising

At Dynamic Gift Canada, we can appreciate the cold reality that no business has unlimited funds for advertising and that not everyone can afford to give away something for free. The trade show must go on and so must your company! Contact us today, let us provide you with a free artwork mock up and no obligation quote, and find out for yourself just how affordable standing out really is!