Custom Printed Performance T-Shirts & Active Tees for Sports Teams

Who here has ever wanted to play sports or even go for a run only to realize that the only clothing you have that is even vaguely suitable makes you look like a 1980s aerobics instructor? Who has ever needed a fill in for their team and had nothing to give them to wear so they spent the whole game looking like they have snuck onto the pitch from the spectator stand? Well at Dynamic Gift Canada we say no more to ill fitting, dated sports clothes and our own custom printed sports shirts are here to win the day!

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Custom Printed Sport Shirts & Active Tees

Whether you are getting plastered in mud while slide tackling the opposing team during a downpour, diving into the sand playing volleyball in the baking summer heat or even out for a gentle walk just for the fun of it – the value of a high quality performance T-shirt simply cannot be overlooked. Anyone who takes part in sports or exercise on a regular basis will most likely tell you that good gear and clothing not only makes you more comfortable, but can even increase your overall performance.

Dynamic Gift’s branded active tees are made from high quality material that will go the distance with you and help reduce those irritations such as chafing and itching when you move or sweat. Low quality active wear often has a short lifespan due to poor stitching meaning you end up spending more to get less, but our comfortable, durable shirts won’t quit before you do!

These stylish products are great for gyms and fitness centres to help your staff look professional without making them uncomfortable, or even as a thank you for loyal customers, but their usefulness stretches even further. Company morale building events, local sports teams and recreational clubs – show the public who you are with these fashionable products.

Sports not your thing? Don’t run away from us just yet!

Even if your company brushes no nearer to fitness than talking about the play offs on lunch break, don’t quit on us and think this product is not for you just yet! We live in an ever increasingly health conscious population so having your logo or name on anything that promotes positive activity is a great way to show the world you care about the health of both staff and customers. With sports and activity linked to improved mental health, longevity and well-being – getting your name onto a branded T-shirt is a great advertising choice for the modern business.

And we all know with modern living comes the widespread selfie culture, but for advertising this is a huge bonus. People want to show the world they are trying to better themselves without sacrificing style, so by choosing our custom printed active tees you are potentially displaying your logo to even more people around the world.

Great products don’t have to mean ‘great, there goes my wallet!’

Not only do our products come with a low price guarantee, but we even offer a wholesale discount to resellers! With our clothing at such competitive pricing, you no longer have to compromise on affordability and quality – here you can have both in one!

Real sports wear for real people

At Dynamic Gift Canada we understand that when it comes to active wear one size does not fit all and nor should it have to! This is why our site offers performance T-shirts for all shapes and sizes, because we know that real players come in real sizes. In addition to this we offer the option to mix sizes and choose a wide range within one order!

No one wants to be running their fastest, only to be slowed down by extra yards of material, or be unable to take that crucial shot because their T-shirt is so tight they can’t lift their arms! Having a range of sizes, cuts and styles means we can provide you with what you need rather than what will do – allowing you to concentrate on the game at hand. Our sports shirts also come in a range of styles suitable to different climates. So whether you are playing outside in the damp and need our long sleeve tee, or inside in the heat and could benefit from our ring spun baseball tee, we have you covered – literally!