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Beanies & Toques

Custom Embroidered Beanies With YOUR Logo

These custom branded beanies are an excellent corporate gift to give to clients and staff. It’s a great way to show your appreciation, while giving your business a little promotional boost. They’re also great to give to staff that’s required to wear a uniform of some kind all year round. They can be customized with your company name on them, so you can give the beanies to staff members that have to be outside during the cold winter months of Canada. They can also be handed out at fundraisers, special events, or even parades as promotional gift.

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Carefully selected range of beanies & toques

We offer a variety of 8 different promotional beanies, and they all come in various colors. Most of them are made from acrylic material, and they retain the shape of your head for a perfect fit. Some of our beanies feature a folded cuff at the base of the beanie, and some have a bill to make the beanie resemble a baseball cap. We even have a beanie with a pom pom on top for events that are a little more laid back and fun. Some of the beanies we offer come in vibrant colors, making them great for people that work at night and need to be easily seen. We offer a wide range of hats with various color schemes, and we deliver all throughout Canada.

The promotional beanies that we offer are listed below

• Longer Length Knit Beanie
These beanies are extra-long so that you can adjust it for a more comfortable fit. They have a shape retention fit, and they are made from 100% acrylic.

• Drop needle Knit Beanie
The drop needle beanie has a 1x1 drop needle construction, and they have a contrast color mini stripe that adds some flare to the design.

• Premium Knit Toque
This beanie features a 3 inch folding cuff and they have excellent shape retention. These are also 100% acrylic.

• Fleece Lined Skull Beanie
The skull beanie is acrylic and lined with polyester polar fleece on the inside for extra warmth. They also have rib knit construction.

• Pom Pom Toque
This beanie features a pom pom on top of the hat, a 1x1 ribbed double layer, and a folding cuff at the base of the beanie.

• Knit Cap With Bill
The knit cap has a bill that protrudes from the hat, like a baseball cap would normally have. They have a 3 inch cuff with a stiff brim that has a rounded edge.

• Knit Toque
This Knit toque features a 3 inch folding cuff with excellent shape retention. It is also made from 100% acrylic.

• Knit Skull Cap
This skull cap is also made from acrylic with great shape retention.

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