Printed zippered hoodies worn by men and women to stay warm indoors and while outside running at a fundraiser in Vaughan.

Get Custom Zippered Hoodies in Canada Embroidered with Your Company Logo

Who likes staying warm in a good quality hoodie? But who also doesn’t like struggling out of their hoodie in the middle of a public place while everyone witnesses their crazy flailing and muffled curses? That would be most of us. No one likes to make a scene, but sometimes getting our outer layers off in a dignified manner can be challenging. Custom zip up hoodies are visually appealing, easy to customize and cozy, they come with the bonus of being able to show the world that you’ve mastered the art of taking off your layers like a real adult.

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Why our custom zippered hoodies are on point

Many of our hoodies are made with either a 50/50 cotton and polyester mix, giving you extra comfort and durability at the same time - or a fantastic 100% anti static polyester fleece, reducing that chance of a shocking surprise when putting away the laundry. Our size range on apparel ranges from XS to 4XL, giving you a better chance to get well fitting items of clothing (or hey, go a size up for that extra comfort factor!) And finally, we offer a wide range of colour options that won’t easily fade, keeping your clothing looking sharp and fresh for longer. And that’s just the base hoodie before you even get started on adding your own custom embroidered logo.

What are the benefits of promotional hoodies?

There are many benefits to choosing custom embroidered hoodies for your company but here are our top three picks!

They have easy to notice advertising - By choosing imprinted hoodies by Dynamic Gift Canada you are creating your own mobile advertising board on whoever wears it. At nearly eye level these logos will be easy to spot and unlikely to be hidden away, making them a fantastic promotional choice for your brand.

They are long lasting - No one is denying single use advertising has its place, but a long-lasting imprinted item is something that is more likely to be around for years to come, with your important message too. Choosing a product that will remain in use can be difficult but custom hoodies are something that are used inside and out for many seasons, helping you get the most from your promotional attire.

They appeal to a wide audience - Creating custom printed clothing can be a headache! What one person loves can easily be an item that someone else wouldn’t be seen dead in, yet hoodies remain popular, sought after items for year after year. We chalk this up to their cozy comfort factor, usefulness and style that treads the line between fashion and common sense - something that can’t be said for those 70s flares.

Why creating something good quality matters, even if it’s not for you

While the drawbacks of selling low-quality products are easy to spot, it can be harder to think about when it’s for uniforms or outfits in a company setting. It’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘oh it’s not for me, it’s for my staff, so the quality isn’t as important’ when it really nothing could be further from the truth. Anything made of low-grade materials is likely to be itchy, poorly fitting and all round uncomfortable.

Still, it’s not you wearing it so why does it matter? Because the owner of your product won’t want to wear it either, and there goes your investment and advertising all at once! With uncomfortable uniforms being one of the leading reasons for staff unhappiness, any good business owner knows that happy staff work better and to a higher standard. It starts with what you give them, so get the most out of those who work for you by giving them the quality they deserve with our custom embroidered hoodies.

Creating hoodies so great that girlfriends across Canada will just have to ‘borrow’ them

Not only are our zip up hoodies with logos great quality and so comfortable you might have to guard yours from would-be borrowers, our commitment to you doesn’t stop there. We offer fast quote times, shipping and competitive pricing, as well as host a team of friendly Canadian based staff who know the importance of staying warm. So, if you are looking for a promotional item that appeals to a wide audience, shows your brand clearly and gives you advertising with style, without the runway price tag - why not contact us today and get started?