Pullover hoodies with custom logos worn by young people to stay warm and look stylish while walking in Toronto and Mississauga.

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The fact there’s a worldwide running joke about people ‘borrowing’ other people’s hoodies, shows better than anything just how sought after these cozy articles of clothing are. Offering us protection from the cold, coupled with a snug sense of not just enduring the elements but doing so in comfort - custom pullover hoodies give the ‘sitting by the fireside on a winter’s night’ sense of well-being in clothing form that no other item of apparel really can match. This combined with their durability and versatility could help explain why promotional hoodies are such a popular choice!

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Why do people love hoodies?

As we touched on before, hoodies are a coveted item and custom printed ones are no exception. The main reasons we think they are so popular are listed below. They are comfortable - Being comfortable in what we are wearing, no matter what the setting, gives us a chance to focus on what really matters. Whether you are playing sports, at the gym or socializing, no one wants to be itching about in their clothing and have their day spoiled, and hoodies are renown for associating with easy to wear, hassle free clothing.

They are multipurpose - Going out for groceries? Casual Friday at work? Meeting up for drinks at a bar? There are few places a custom printed hoodie wouldn’t fit in in a world that is increasingly abandoning stiff formal clothing in favour of comfort and practicality. Think back 50 years when not wearing a suit to work was unthinkable! Times are changing and with it there comes more places that wearing your imprinted hoodie is not only allowed but a great choice too!

They are easy to care for - Fashion can be a lot of work, because looking good isn’t always easy. Ironing out every crease, gentle hand washing because your attire couldn’t possibly stand up to that ruthless washing machine, and all those buttons! looking even presentable can quickly become a chore of its own and we become slaves to our clothes. With custom pullover hoodies you have an easy to care for, easy to wear item of clothing that looks great, helping you feel awesome and freeing you from some of the endless drudgery of clothing maintenance at the same time.

You don’t have to worry about remembering your hat! - Okay this last one is probably not a main perk, but something to think about anyway. When people are rushing out the door they might accidentally go without that custom printed hat you had created, but a hoodie is something that even if they forget they are likely to turn right back around to fetch it in the colder weather that’s for sure!

Great for resale!

Unless you are running a gentleman's clothing store from the 1880s, most retailers could benefit greatly from our custom pullover hoodies. With the ability to take a comfortable and versatile item of clothing and transform it into a handy advertising board for your customer to wear, getting promotional hoodies into your business is a great move. Worn by a wide age range and popular with both men and women, branded hoodies really cover almost every base for promotional apparel, giving them a better chance of selling in your store. And you don’t have to work in clothing to find these a useful addition to your business! From campgrounds, to holiday gift stores, activity centres and gyms, a hoodie that can be worn inside and out with your imprinted logo on it is not only a fantastic selling choice but extra advertisement for you.

Are you a team? Then prove it!

Whether you are part of a gym club that meets up to exercise together, a sports team or even simply on a company outing, looking ‘together’ can help improve a sense of belonging and confidence in its membership, as well as promote who you are out with to those not lucky enough to have yet joined you. Help boost public interest and keep your team together and feeling proud with little cost to you with our custom embroidered hoodies from Dynamic Gift Canada.

We aren’t comfortable until you are

If you are looking for embroidered hoodies in Canada, we hope our commitment to finding the right mix of comfort, practicality and good advertising can convince you to give our custom branded hoodies a try! We also offer fast quotes, fast shipping times and competitive prices that won’t leave you or your team shivering in the Canadian cold. So contact us today for more information on our promotional hoodies or any of our branded apparel that has caught your eye, and get started on creating fashionable clothing that raises awareness for little cost - as well as giving those who matter to you a promotional product they will be grateful for.