Custom logo crewneck sweaters shown in different colours and worn by young people having fun and at work in Manitoba.

Order Company Branded Crew Neck Sweaters in Canada, Shipped Domestically

We all want to look good and confidence often comes from our appearance, not only how we see ourselves but how we think the world sees us. With billions invested in the clothing industry annually, we are constantly told ‘if your outfit looks good you are successful’ and this seems even more so when our outfits are branded. Imprinted clothing is linked to higher status in our minds, so if you’re looking to raise not only your visibility but create an item that increases perceived value of your business - a custom crew neck sweatshirt could be a great choice.

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What is a crew neck sweater?

Sweaters come in so many shapes and styles it can be difficult to keep track of all the types out there! A crew neck style is something you have probably seen very often as it’s an extremely popular fashion choice, but maybe didn’t know the official name. Crew neck means the sweater has a closely fitting round neckline, as opposed to a V or scoop neck and no collar. This style is simple, timeless and smart looking, and a closer neckline can also help keep out the cold more easily than some of its fashion cousins.

Why are custom crew neck sweatshirts so popular?

Custom crew neck sweatshirts are popular for their comfort, their subtle smart- casual blend and above all, because they can be worn so many different places. School wear, team sporting events, casual home use and staff uniforms, these branded sweaters high versatility make them a smart choice for almost any occasion or need. With the ability to place your own embroidered logo on them, you can instantly create something that is as professional or funky as you need it to be and this might explain why it looks like custom crew necks in Canada are here to stay.

What are the benefits of choosing a promotional sweater from us?

With any low-grade product there come problems like invisible packaging surrounding the item, and clothing is no exception. From easy fraying material, to uneven dye, creating custom clothing that gives value for money and doesn’t look like it’s been around a hundred years after two washes can be a challenge!

Our custom embroidered sweaters are made from great quality materials that often include cotton and polyester lightweight fleece, as well as combed and ring spun cotton. This second material is very important as this type of cotton has been combed through to remove impurities. That means a better grade of finished fabric for you and a smoother surface for your imprinted advertising choice! We also offer options with tearaway labels, because no one wants to be fidgeting about in their new outfit and our size range includes XS to 4XL because we believe you should get the attire size you need, not the nearest one available.

How custom logo sweaters can help your business

The benefits of custom embroidered sweatshirts to not only the wearer, but the person advertising with them are many. They come with an easy to notice logo that sits at a good height and is more likely to get noticed than something lower down. They are long-lasting and this means your investment stays around for longer, giving you better value for money. Custom logo sweaters are easy to care for, meaning they are more likely to become a favoured item with their owner over clothing that takes up valuable time with its care routine. And last, but by no means least - they are loved! People of all ages love a good sweater, making them a sought-after item that is unlikely to languish forgotten in a cupboard with your logo hidden and your investment wasted.

Don’t get in a sweat over creating and ordering - contact us!

Trust us, no one understands the importance of warm and snug clothing like those who have experienced a Canadian winter! Our friendly, professional team are based in Ontario, Canada and ready to help you with everything from quotes to logo design. Get in touch with us today to get started because summer won’t last forever!