Order Custom Company Branded Gloves with Canadawide Domestic Shipping

What’s that sound? That my fellow Canadians is the sound of winter approaching. With winters in our country rapidly turning the landscape into vague lumps and drifts of snow, freezing rain and of course, howling winds – good winter gear is not just a fashion statement, it’s essential. The good news is, winter may be on the way but along with the early nights and traffic jams it also creates you a great opportunity to advertise your company on our branded gloves!

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Why should I make promotional work gloves my advertising choice?

When that winter snow comes, it’s not just the pavements that get covered up! Extra clothing layers means your original advertising on T-shirts, wristbands and more could get covered up for the season, creating an icy hit to your marketing campaign.

Custom embroidered gloves are a great solution to the advertising problem colder seasons create. Placed on an exterior, highly visible and mobile article of clothing, getting noticed is easy, whatever the weather!

How else can custom embroidered gloves benefit me?

No matter what the business, looking professional matters – but if you are a company that is based outside or working in colder environments indoors, this can be difficult to achieve. Imprinted promotional work gloves are a fantastic method for keeping a tailored and professional image, without sacrificing practicality or comfort.

Why people will fall in ‘glove’ with your promo item

Canada is cold! This means your sports buddies, your staff, your customers are all likely to be tucking their fingers in their pockets and searching out a good pair of gloves when the weather starts to turn. This means whether you are looking to resell, provide a uniform for your staff or gift your friends – people can really benefit from a good pair of custom printed work gloves.

Keep those gloves on! (why poorly made attire doesn’t help anyone)

Buying branded gloves only to have them unravel halfway through the first season is no good to anyone, including you. Poor stitching, bad quality materials and low-quality insulation means a shorter lifespan and a faster repeat investment from you, costing you extra money.

How our gloves help cover more

Our products are made from a variety of materials that range from lightweight acrylic all the way to our polyester fleece options, giving you more options to better suit the job you need them for. Our branded gloves also come with touch screen fingertips on many of the products, allowing the wearer to use the tech they need without having to expose their hands to the elements.

Sizing up the season – how our glove sizing helps you

Our sizing for most of these products is ‘one size fits most’ for a reason, and it’s not us being lazy! With any bulk buy order for attire comes the worry that the finished product just won’t fit most of your staff or customers. Few companies want to spend 4 x the amount buying each individual size to cover all bases but neither do they want a useless item that will be discarded, forgotten or left on the shelves. ‘One size fits most’ is an awesome solution for anyone with a diverse range of staff or wide audience base - meaning your gloves are more likely to fit and so get worn by their new owner!

Get in touch with us, whatever the season

Come spring, summer, winter or fall we are based right here in Ontario Canada and waiting to help you. From fast quotes and turn around times, friendly staff with years of experience in creating the ideal promo item for your needs, we have it covered from start to finish. So, if you are looking for custom gloves in Canada, why not get in touch and get started on advertising for all weather today.