Embroidered scarves given as employee gifts are being worn by a couple and a young woman in a park in Toronto during winter.

Custom Imprinted Scarves, Shipped Domestically Across Canada

Canada might be an awesome place to live but there’s no doubt it gets cold! The moment we feel that summer warmth slipping away many of us are already digging through our closets in a panic looking for that winter or fall gear before we have to face going to the store in an ice storm wearing those beach sandals that were so fantastic...when it was warm. On a positive note, having such clear seasons means placing your message on attire such as our promotional scarves means your customers will not only be reaching for protection against the elements but for your slogan at the same time!

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Give Yourself a Marketing Boost and Keep Your Schedule Going

Those jogging classes were a hit in the summer and a great boost to your company, but what about now the cooler weather is setting in? As much as members may love your class, not everyone has suitable attire for the colder weather and solve this problem by staying inside as much as possible. Why not create some fall and winter attire for your members as a 'thank you' or even a sign up to keep on going, even in the cold? Promotional headwear and custom neckwear are a fantastic way of encouraging client loyalty.

Maybe you are a company whose activities simply don’t run during the colder climate, but don’t think that means you can’t benefit from promotional scarves! Imprinted winter attire is a great way to remind people of your business and keep you in their minds, even when you are closed for the season! Every time they reach for that scarf or branded headwear, they will see your logo, helping keep you in focus for that crucial sign up time when the snow finally melts, and you are open for business once more.

Help Keep Your Staff and Teammates Warm

The cold sure does slow us all down and this can affect both business productivity and team sports. Keeping those who matter to you warm will help them move better and with more mobility and can even reduce the risk of damage to muscles that increases as the weather becomes cold. No one wants to hurt themselves at work or in a game so the right attire is essential and with our custom printed scarves and promotional headwear you can help keep winter off the pitch and out of the workspace with ease.

Say ‘Thank You’ During the Cooler Months with Something People Will Appreciate

‘Ho ho ꟷ oh… wow, a ceramic gnome... thanks? When you want to thank clients and vendors for all they have done for you, creating something that they will appreciate can make or break that moment of interaction. Choosing something that people covet is important, but you don’t want to be impersonal and purchase generic gifts. This makes our custom embroidered scarves a great choice for gifts and with the option to create your own imprinted message you can retain that personal touch that means so much when saying ‘thank you’.

Making Sure Your Message Is the One That Gets Noticed

Those branded shirts were awesome for summer, but what about now? Few people will be seen walking through a blizzard with your cotton T-shirt on which means your advertising is likely to get buried under layers until the warmer weather returns. This can mean a decrease in brand awareness, public interest and even sales! But before you start shaking your fist at the sky a solution is to get on the outside yourself! Not everyone can afford to create winter jackets, but custom printed scarves and promotional headwear is an inexpensive way to make sure your marketing doesn’t get forgotten and you can advertise all year round.

Whatever the Weather, We Are Here to Help!

If you are looking for promotional scarves or any winter attire, our staff are ready to join you in that battle against the Canadian cold. We offer fast quote and shipping times, meaning you won’t order your scarves in winter and receive them in beach season! For friendly, expert advice on creating your imprinted items today contact us today to get started.