Employees wearing custom embroidered short sleeve work shirts while in offices and at indoor work venues in Ontario.

Branded Short Sleeve Dress Shirts at Competitive Canadian Prices

We judge those we meet on their appearance and according to studies, we do it very quickly – some suggest it takes only seconds to form opinions of someone we literally just met. While this may sound superficial, it’s an ingrained human reaction, and so we must look instead to what we can do to boost our personal and professional image. One of the quickest ways to achieve this is to make sure you and your staff are dressed in Dynamic Gift Canada’s custom dress shirts that promote all these positive traits and more – without stealing the shirt off your back!

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Easy care that won’t put a wrinkle in your style

At Dynamic Gift Canada we understand that no one likes doing the laundry, which is why as well as being stylish and long lasting, many of our products are also easy care – not only freeing up your time, but also that of anyone who receives them. This means less time for your investment to spend languishing in the laundry void as well as less chance of being passed over in favour of a more convenient article of clothing. Purchasing for yourself or friends? Choosing clothing that isn’t going to increase people’s chore time and may actually help reduce it is a sure-fire way to make yourself more popular – so why not purchase from us today and free up those who matter to attend to more “pressing business” elsewhere?

Are you sure this is a medium...?

Unlike many of our competitors that are based elsewhere and use offshore sizing, our shirt sizes are true to standard Canadian clothing - helping you get a better and more accurate fit. Poorly fitting clothes will also more easily tear, sag and above all, be discarded, meaning faster repeat investments or a waste of money entirely. Why chance spending your important budget only to transform the recipients of your product into blundering mobile tents or pinning their arms to their sides like angry sausages. Instead order from us and know that when it says medium - it means it, because on custom dress shirts we understand that customizing the logo is what you want, not getting free and inventive with sizing.

The benefits of short sleeve dress shirts

Short sleeves come with the bonus of being great for workplaces that are often overly warm, from small office spaces with close quartered staff, to the food industry where the heat can be legendary. A uniform that is too heavy can slow down your team, damaging productivity and lowering morale. Avoid this by choosing Canadian corporate apparel made with quality materials that won’t melt your staff, or your budget – from Dynamic Gift!

Did you know that many businesses in the service industry will not allow long sleeves because of hygiene issues or the potential for injury to the wearer should the clothing become trapped? This often reduces uniform selection choices for everyone from waitstaff to managerial roles. Compromising on appearance with an informal short sleeved tee is not always acceptable but custom dress shirts with short sleeves solve this problem with ease – leaving your staff looking professional as well as helping keep them safe.

Looking good matters

Whether you are looking to buy for a small group of friends or a large-scale company outfit, as we talked about before, clothing speaks before the wearer usually has a chance to!

Don’t risk losing potential sales by having staff dressed in easily damaged, hard to maintain outfits that diminish their influence with customers, silently harming your business as easily as if they were rude or unpleasant to the public.

Don’t risk damaging friendships by purchasing poor quality items, or masking your teams worth with off putting clothes, and instead opt for our well made and long-lasting short sleeve dress shirts today.

We might be Canadian but it’s not all about plaid!

Our love of plaid might be a fake stereotype but our willingness to help and ambition to please as well as attention to customer service is not! So, whether you are looking for custom work shirts in Canada for your staff, or something personalized for that extra finishing touch why not contact our friendly, professional team today and get started on the way to dressing for success?