Business workers are wearing branded long sleeve shirts to meetings. There is also a logo plaid shirt worn by an artist.

Order Long Sleeve Dress Shirts with Your Company Logo Today

Looking good can go a long way towards boosting not only our impression to others, but our self esteem as well. Feeling confident is a helpful step towards increased sales, positive social interactions and work satisfaction. If you are looking for custom work shirts in Canada, then why not take a closer look at our branded long sleeve dress shirts available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours to better cater for exactly what you have in mind.

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The importance of good clothing

Good clothing makes the man, or so the saying goes, but it really applies to anyone. With people we are introduced to forming an opinion of us in only seconds, everything counts when hoping to make a positive impression. Our custom printed long sleeve dress shirts are a great clothing choice that not only gives an excellent outward appearance but comfort to the wearer too.

The importance of this cannot be underestimated - to put it simply, there’s no point looking great if you are itching about, distracted by pinching material. Poor fabric can also lead to less breathability and overheating, leaving you looking less like a confident businessperson and more like someone who is hoping to evade the law. Who’s to know that that pesky seam is the reason you aren’t giving it your all during a business pitch? With our embroidered dress shirts, you will look and feel fantastic, leaving you to focus on the things important to you.

Great for positive imagery

Having a great product to sell or business model is no good if those who are running it don’t look their best. We all remember the stereotype of the 80s used car salesman with the crazy sports coat and loud shirts and how this appearance is instantly associated with fast, untrustworthy deals.

Having staff dressed in a tasteful yet practical manner goes a long way towards a good public image and increased sales as well as promoting trust between staff and customers. You probably wouldn’t buy a house from someone in a clown suit and whilst this is an extreme analogy it does make the point that customers are judging appearances of not only your product but the seller as well.

Easily noticeable elegance

Not every company can use name tags or has the need for full uniforms. With many businesses opting for a smart casual look sometimes identifying staff members can be difficult for those visiting or browsing to identify them from other members of the public.

By selecting our custom dress shirts, you are removing this problem as not only can you add your company name or logo but with our wide range of colours you can even choose the fabric that matches with your business colours. Don’t see the colour you had in mind? It might still be available so contact our friendly and knowledgeable team to quickly find out at no cost to you.

Furthering your brand awareness

If you are considering purchasing custom dress shirts you are likely thinking about how great your logo will look on them, but have you thought how it will also increase your brand awareness at the same time?

By placing your logo on a custom dress shirt, you are instantly creating a tasteful, elegant yet easily noticeable mobile advertisement. In terms of advertising this is a highly affordable way to get noticed in public, or wherever the wearer travels to, without the dreaded expense of large-scale advertising. Placed almost at eye level its a fantastic conversation starter and method of getting people talking about what matters to you and with our excellent quality shirts lasting for years to come your company logo will be around with it, spreading your important message for you.

Canada is on top of fashion (yes really!)

With Toronto hosting fashion week on a biannual basis, to our countless innovative designers who are Canadian born and bred, or choose to come and work where the fashion is on point, the stereotype of plaid and rubber boots seems a little old fashioned doesn’t it?

So, if you are considering Canadian corporate apparel, why not select our company to work with and know you are working with people that understand the importance of looking sharp and feeling great, whatever the task at hand may be.

With fantastic materials, and sizing based on true Canadian sizes, not offshore measurements, to help get you the most accurate measurements we are committed to quality and helping you and your staff look amazing. Contact our friendly, professional team today for fast quotes with no obligation and get started today.