Order Company Branded Promotional Cell Phone Wallets in Canada

Are you looking for a better way to give out your business card at events? Or maybe just a more up to date promo item that can be used after the event it was given away at is over? In this day and age, we all seem to love our phones – so choosing an accessory for the one item that goes almost everywhere with us makes sense. Custom phone wallets are an awesome product that effortlessly integrates your company into your intended audience’s handheld phone, keeping your message with your customer where it needs to be.

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  1. a white and black smartphone wallet with a blue logo with two examples of how to use the screen cleaning part beside it
    Smartphone Wallet & Screen Cleaner
    Priced from $2.23 to $3.56
  2. a black silicone phone wallet with a grey logo
    Smart Phone Wallet
    Priced from $1.40 to $2.30
  3. black silicone double phone wallet with a white logo
    Tarbella Double Phone Wallet
    Priced from $1.67 to $2.66
  4. three images of royal blue with white logo smart phone wallet one showing example of use and with a royal blue stylus beside it
    Samara Wallet With Stylus Stand
    Priced from $2.00 to $3.12
  5. Dual Barricade RFID Phone Wallet
    Dual Barricade RFID Phone Wallet
    Priced from $3.47 to $5.30
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What does a promotional cell phone wallet do?

Custom phone wallets stick to the back of a cell phone and stay there, showing your logo or message and providing a safe and snug place to keep business cards, credit cards - whatever small card the customer needs. With easy access, getting cards out is no problem and each time they do they will be shown your custom printed message again. Sounds awesome right?

Follow your customer about, in the only way you are allowed!

Once a potential client or customer has left, you can sometimes only sit and wonder if they will remember you. Following them around reminding them of your business would not only be annoying, but likely illegal – so the next best thing you can do is give them something to remember your company by and cell phone promotional items are a great option. Imprinted phone wallets allow you to stay close to them by attaching to a device that we rarely let go of for long, our cell phones. By being combined with such a valuable personal item the chances of your promotional item staying forgotten in the bottom of a person's bag is very low – helping make sure you are reminding them of your business time and time again!

Get ahead of your competition

Tradeshows and expos are busy, competitive and often saturated with advertising. Who’s to say that business card you gave out won’t end up in rival’s promo bag or even accidentally thrown away? Promotional cell phone wallets give you an advantage in marketing as they can be instantly attached to a person’s phone. You even can make sure your card is the first one in there by combining it with your giveaway! Providing not only a cool, custom branded gift but a holder for your essential contact info is a smart way to get remembered, no matter how busy it might get.

Double advertising you say?

We do indeed! Branded phone wallets give you a spot for your business card on the inside and a place for your message on the outside. There are many promo tools out there, but few offer the chance to double up on your advertising impact the way custom phone wallets do, giving them a clear advantage in the marketing field. For a small item they also come with a good-sized surface area that, combined with our huge range of colour choice and imprinted custom logo, can create an attention grabbing or subtle effect depending on what goals you have in mind.

Ok you have sold me on these, but are there any more benefits?

Actually, yes there are! Promotional cell phone wallets are lightweight and won’t weigh down their owner’s phone, helping them quickly become a part of their lifestyle that won’t easily be discarded. They are low cost, meaning these are ideal for large scale giveaways, low budget marketing campaigns and even thank you gifts. As we mentioned before, our options come in a huge array of colour choices meaning you can create a vibrant display to draw people in - even from a distance. And finally, they last for a long time, helping keep your logo and investment with its new owner even if the card you gave them gets lost.

So, if you are looking for a low cost, vibrant and up to date promo item that won’t break the bank, why not consider cell phone promotional items from Dynamic Gift Canada? Get in touch with us today to get started getting ahead for the events that matter to you!