Custom Phone Holders & Custom Tablet Stands Branded with Your Company Logo

Do your customers like to buy a new phone every week or month? Do they wilfully throw their phones on the ground just for the fun of buying another? We didn’t think so - so they probably can’t afford to drop and break them either! Cellphones are something that are both precious to their owner and often, very expensive. With that in mind, promotional cell phone holders are a great method to stay close to your customers and give them a safe place to rest their beloved electronic device at the same time.

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  1. two acrylic black and clear phone cradles one with a phone in it
    Phone Stand / Cradle
    Priced from $1.72 to $2.68
  2. Wallet Slipholder
    Wallet Slipholder
    Priced from $2.50 to $3.98
  3. Spinsocket
    Priced from $6.48 to $9.76
  4. Clip-It Anywhere
    Clip-It Anywhere
    Priced from $4.52 to $6.68
  5. Thumbs Up Phone & Tablet Holder
    Thumbs Up Phone & Tablet Holder
    Priced from $2.87 to $4.44
  6. Heathered RFID Phone Wallet and Stand
    Heathered RFID Phone Wallet and Stand
    Priced from $8.62 to $10.85
  7. A mint green coloured plastic phone loop with a red logo with the silver coloured ring extended into the open position
    Loop Ring and Phone Stand
    Priced from $1.55 to $2.24
  8. One Ring Smartphone Holder
    One Ring Smartphone Holder
    Priced from $2.68 to $4.26
  9. Plastic One Ring Smartphone Holder
    Plastic One Ring Smartphone Holder
    Priced from $4.58 to $4.83
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10 Items

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Smart advertising and getting the most for your investment

Anyone can place their imprinted message on an item but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s good advertising! Putting your logo on something that is more likely to be frequently used and remind the customer is key, and what better product to choose than a product that goes with our phones like PB goes with J - branded phone accessories! Help stay near to those who are important to you, even when they are far away and get your slogan onto something useful and sought after by your target audience.

Why protection doesn’t have to mean difficult to get to - for you at least

Keeping your phone safe doesn’t have to be impractical! Our waterproof case options with loop attachments are an awesome way to promote your message, something important safe from the elements, as well as helping keep it more secure and less likely to get stolen or left behind.

No one wants a greasy phone (aka why your custom phone holders are great)

In these modern times, we rarely let go of our phones - literally. When travelling, when eating, when… well, you get the idea. This means that this important device can quickly become filthy and gross. Nice new phone you have there, less so on the chicken fingers grease on the screen. Branded phone accessories can help keep the grime down and provide a better grip or carry option for their owner, lowering the risk of breakage and their phone looking like it came out of the drain rather than the store!

Don’t drop your phone! The benefits of promotional popsockets

Popsocket is a word you might have been hearing, but what are they? A promotional popsocket is a circular item that sticks to the back of a device and you can ‘pop it out’ to give an instant, easy grip accessory to your phone. With so many cell phones being much larger than their owners’ hands this is a fantastic custom printed promotional option that will help your customer and remind them of who you are each time they use it.

Where did I put my phone again? Put it in a promotional cell phone holder and remember

Our custom tablet stands or custom phone holders are quick and handy places to put your phone so you always remember exactly where it is! It definitely beats leaving it to slide down the side of the couch or the bed that’s for sure. We all know there are few things that are more frustrating when you need to find your phone in a hurry and can’t, especially when you want to leave the house. That makes branded phone holders a highly useful product that provides a solution to this everyday irritation and something that is unlikely to be thrown away anytime soon!

Work with us for your promo needs!

At Dynamic Gift Canada we not only know the value of keeping those phones in your customers winter chilled hands, or safe from Canadian Geese - we offer competitive pricing and fast quote times too. With our friendly, professional staff and our in-house artwork service, getting what you want is easy, fast and hassle free. So why not contact us and get started on creating your custom printed promo item today?