Order Custom Phone Stands & Custom Tablet Sleeves Printed with Your Branding

For something that wasn’t around before the 70’s, cell phones have definitely surged forward to become a constant companion in our everyday lives. From work to leisure, getting directions, social media and event planning - making calls seems to be the least these items now do! With them rarely out of our hands, what could be handier for a branded product than a custom phone stand or custom tablet sleeve from Dynamic Gift Canada as a promotional companion for our electronic helpers?

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  1. Atlantis Waterproof Case
    Atlantis Waterproof Case
    Priced from $6.35 to $9.56
  2. a full colour microfibre mini tablet sleeve with a tablet slightly sticking out of it
    Microfibre Mini Tablet Sleeve
    Priced from $5.00 to $6.09
  3. a multicolour microfibre tablet sleeve with a tablet slightly sticking out of it
    Microfibre Tablet Sleeve
    Priced from $7.00 to $8.45
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Don’t let your stock gather dust! - Resell something that’s needed

Choosing the right resale item is important to any company, but you don’t have to be a phone store to benefit from our promotional cell phone accessories. With such a wide age range using cell phones, choosing a branded product such as our custom phone stands are more likely to appeal to a broad audience - helping make them a great choice for resale. And once you have your sale (or sales!) the benefit to you doesn’t end there. By creating something that is likely to be frequently used you are placing your imprinted slogan or logo right where it will be seen, helping remind people of where they got their item in the first place.

Don’t fall in the soup! - How custom stands can help keep your device safe

From using our phones to find directions, to trying to follow along with that cooking video while surrounded by pots and pans- our phones and tablets are often exactly where they are most at risk of damage. Having an imprinted stand gives your electronic item a safer place to sit, as well as making it easier for you to see what’s on the screen! Follow along in style and keep your cool. Don’t risk dropping it in the gravy or even put yourself at risk trying to instinctively catch your tablet if it falls - and instead invest in our custom cell phone accessories and stands today.

An easy way to help protect your tablet and keep it clean

Our custom tablet sleeves are an awesome way to not only offer protection to your device, but to help keep it clean too! Our microfibre sleeves help protect from dust and dirt as well as provide an easy tool to clean smeary fingerprints away, keeping your tablet looking professional and clean like it deserves to be. Help make sure your electronic devices look as good as you do and choose to protect them with microfibre sleeves from Dynamic Gift Canada.

Create a gift that gets ‘oh thanks!’ not ‘oh...thanks’

Whether it’s for students, staff or friends - choosing gifts can be time consuming and expensive! Yet if we buy something less expensive and generic, we run the risk of coming across as impersonal and uncaring. Creating something that is custom printed is a great way to add that personal touch that we need in our busy lives, and what could be better than something that will fit in with our modern world than a custom phone stand or custom tablet sleeve? Show your gratitude to those who matter and say goodbye to the worries of gifting at the same time with our custom imprinted products.

We won’t leave you standing about waiting!

Not only are we based in Canada to better match up with your working hours and reduce waiting for response times - we also offer fast quote times too! Our experienced and friendly team are ready to start helping you get those dreams off the wish board and into your hands and get you started on better brand awareness for what matters to you. So why not contact us today and get started on making those marketing dreams a reality?