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There's no shortage of companies out there offering token promotional gifts to their client companies. Unfortunately, though, many of them offer only a few options and those gift options that are available are often overplayed. Custom printed stadium cushions provide a unique alternative for getting your company name seen at events and sporting days. Browse our options below and contact us for a rapid written quote and a free virtual sample.

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3 Item(s)

Custom Stadium Cushions Can Drum Up Attention

There is no better way for businesses to attract attention to their products and services than to use direct marketing techniques such as promotional giveaways.  No one thinks twice about a promotional t-shirt or a key chain, but stadium cushions are still something of a novelty item, especially when it comes to promotional goods.  As a sports fan, wouldn't you want to be comfortable and support your favorite team with Custom printed stadium cushions?

A Versatile Option

Savvy business owners can also utilize sports fans' team loyalties to their advantage by incorporating both team logos and brand logos.  One great idea is to have one side of the cushion printed with an Ontario team's logo, while the other side can be used to advertise a product or business.   Sports fans in Toronto and across Canada are known for their enthusiasm and team loyalty, so these cushions will be certain to see plenty of use.

Of course, the use of stadium cushions doesn't have to be relegated exclusively to professional games.  While not in use at games, these cushions will likely be featured in customers' homes, where they will attract further attention from curious friends and family.

Inexpensive to Produce

Custom printed cushions may be slightly more expensive to produce than t-shirts, key chains, pens, and other common promotional goods, but when ordered wholesale they are still cheap enough to be used as gifts for particularly valued customers or clients.  Retail companies can also sell them as merchandise, allowing them to both make money directly from these products and to attract new customers via discreet and targeted advertising.

Perfect for Local Teams

Of course, businesses aren't the only organizations that can directly benefit from custom printed cushions.  High school sports teams can order these products for members of the team, or they can sell them to help with fundraising efforts.  Not only can this help teams make a little bit of easy money for new equipment and other expenses, but it can also help to build morale and encourage pride in young athletes.

Door Gifts

Stadium cushions make the perfect door gift.  They are high-quality enough to constitute a thoughtful gift for event-goers without being prohibitively expensive.  Depending on the ticket price, it may even be helpful to pair these cushions with other custom-designed sports-themed goods such as blankets or towels.

Find a Reliable Producer

The most important factor when it comes to the success of any promotional campaign is to find a reliable supplier that is willing to offer competitive pricing.  Dynamic Gift is the perfect option for companies in Canada looking for a quick and easy way to establish new direct marketing campaigns.  Orders can be placed online and delivered to the client's doorstep in just five days, so get in touch today for a quote to get started.


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