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Browse our range of custom made sports balls, with custom colors, logos and your choice of sizes and materials. All of our promotional sports balls are literally made from scratch. There is no need to worry about design, production or delivery because we take care of everything on your behalf. All you need to do is request a quote to get things to get the ball rolling (get it?) and our team of designers will provide a 100% FREE virtual sample and a fast written quote.

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4 Item(s)

Promotional Sports Balls, Beach Balls & More!

Who can honestly say the sight of a colourful beach ball doesn’t bring a smile to their face? Even sitting in the store on the shelf under the boring fluorescent lights surrounded by the annoying jingle of mall music – the memories of fun days out at the beach, barbeques and vacations come flooding back because this product has instant association with the good times, wherever it may be!

With these fond memories in mind, it means that purchasing branded sports balls is a great choice for positive advertising. People who are lucky enough to be using your product and those who are staring wistfully at it as they sit bored on the beach out of WiFi range will instantly link your company’s logo or slogan to recreation and positivity. A beach ball is a flying, rolling, bouncing billboard with plenty of space for whatever message you need on a highly eye catching surface that draws the attention of all around it.

Don’t let the fun stop at the beach!

A custom printed beach ball is a great choice for designated indoor recreation spaces, particularly with small children as they are soft, light and less likely to cause injury. For the older and more durable age groups we also offer large footballs, great for team exercises and highly durable for those friendly but secretly competitive outdoor games.

This includes taking the office away from the desk and into the summer sun for valuable team building. Why not buy them for your staff as a thank you for a great day of activity and working out those little office resentments between one another? Who knows – maybe your product will end up in a place of pride, on display in an employee’s rec room as a sweet reminder to tell all their guests about that time they finally got their revenge on Fred from the office for never refilling printer toner, thanks to the annual company football match!

Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring!

Branded sports balls are not only a fantastic idea for advertising but are also a product linked to healthy living and recreational activity – without the boredom of the gym or repetitive exercise! Not only will your customers love these but this product will be out on display in parks, at beaches and on campgrounds, unlike that home exercise bike that’s tucked away in the basement! People love to socialize the summer away, after all, that’s what summer is for! So make your company a central part of the fun and get your logo in the game with these great products!

A perfect summer give away!

Custom printed beach balls are a great give away for any store or company that values low cost, smart advertising. Sports and swimwear stores, outdoor activity outfitters, you all know that with the rush and excitement of summer comes the crowds of customers. What better way to say thank you for large purchases or customer loyalty than a branded sports ball? By giving this product to your customers you are rewarding them for their patronage, something that is extremely important in seasonal sales where the customer may not return until next quarter, or even next year. It also helps keep your business at the top of their mind long after sporting gear or clothing tags have been cut away and forgotten!

Not a give away? Not a problem!

We understand that promotional gifts are essential, but so are great savings, which is why at Dynamic Gift Canada we also offer great wholesale discounts to resellers. Coupled with our low price guarantee, you can get highly affordable products that come in such a huge range of colours – so getting your name out in the sun and part of the summer fun has never been so easy! So what are you waiting for? Summer won’t be here forever but with smart advertising you can make sure your company is!


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