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Customization does not have to end with printing. Our Custom PVC Items can take on virtually any shape, from the outlines of a company logo to the silhouette of a cute cartoon character. Molded PVC Promo items add a new dimension to customization, making even bigger impressions and commanding more attention from your potential clients. With a huge range of items in our portfolio we are ready to produce and ship throughout Canada, we can turn any concept into a memorable, brand-building reality. Browse our galleries below and talk to us when you are ready to begin!

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A Flexible, Fun, Hypoallergenic Material Perfect for Promoting.

PVC is a durable, attractive, affordable form of plastic that makes a great fit for many promotional items and purposes. Injection Moulding makes it easy to turn raw PVC into almost any shape that might be desired, with low setup and marginal costs producing cost-effective results.

As one of the world's leading suppliers of Promotional PVC items, we help our customers make the most of this appealing material and its potential. From design to production and delivery, and with minimum orders as low as 100 units, we open up possibilities that break the usual promotional item molds in spectacular ways.

A Huge Range of Highly Effective Promotional Possibilities

The sky's the limit when it comes to PVC, and we love to make our customers' dreams into realities. While we are always open to creating something unprecedented from the ground up, some consistently popular PVC items include:

  • Uniform Emblems: Molded into the shape of a logo or other branding assets, PVC uniform emblems always make an impression. Compared to other options, the durability of PVC means the emblem will always look fresh, bright, and beautiful.
  • Eye-Catching Badges: PVC does traditional printed badges one better, allowing for far more design freedom and much more distinctive results. With a three-dimensional impact that other badges can never match, our PVC products can help drive any point home.
  • Long-Wearing Drink Coasters and Bar Mats: Conventional coasters and bar mats are prone to wear, bleeding, and fading, but PVC stands the test of time and regular usage. With a logo molded right into the surface, a promotional coaster makes for a cost-effective gift that recipients will enjoy and notice for a long time to come. Custom bar mats made of PVC can be rinsed at will with no danger of the branding washing away, making them some of our most popular items.
  • Unforgettable Key Rings, Zipper Pulls, and Magnets: Key rings always make great promotional items, as do useful zipper pulls and refrigerator magnets, and our PVC products are even better. Able to be molded into almost any conceivable shape, they always stand out from competitors' offerings. As a result, recipients become much more likely to put them to everyday use for years to come.
  • USB Drives With a Difference: Customized USB drives are becoming more and more popular in the world of promotional gifts, and for good reasons. Our custom-molded PVC drives give clients the ability to gift something truly unique. Whether in the shape of a company logo, a particular product, or just something fun, they combine a uniquely distinctive look with data storage functionality that recipients really appreciate.
  • Custom-Molded Flashlights, Power Banks, and More: Useful promotional products are often the most effective of all, and our PVC molding services make it easy to deliver much-appreciated functionality in truly memorable forms. Flexible PVC flashlights or custom-molded PVC power banks can easily save the day for recipients while also being appealing in truly distinctive, brand-enhancing ways.

Easier, More Affordable, and More Effective than Many Would Believe

We love coming up with new PVC promotional items that impress our clients and those to whom they are given. We're ready to produce free virtual samples for projects of any kind with no obligation whatsoever.

With low minimum order sizes, fast turnaround times, and the lowest prices to be found anywhere, we make it easy to stand out in a sea of other promotional products. From beautiful scale product models to custom-molded USB drives used for delivering reports to clients, customized PVC makes a great fit for many common business needs.

PVC is also an excellent choice for regular promotional giveaways, with the strikingly special nature of custom-molded products ensuring that they always attract attention. Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help make your promotional item efforts even more successful and unique.


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