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With more than five and a half million golfers in Canada, 79 percent of whom have a net worth of more than $100,000, golf promotional products are one thing you cannot afford to skip on in your branding campaigns. For this reason, Wholesale Golf Bags need to be offered by all who are trying to keep their brand at the front of their clients minds. Many types are currently offered. Following are some of the popular golf bag styles a company may wish to offer. Golf is a precision sport, one that requires the player to carry a lot of gear. For this reason, Golf Bags remain in hot demand as a corporate gift and companies offering them to clients find they can make additional sales if they provide these Branded Golf Bags. Browse our range below and simply contact us for a quote when you decide on your preferred style!


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3 Item(s)

Types of golf bags for staff & client giveaways

Carry Bags

Individuals who want a bag that can easily be transported turn to a carry bag. Similar in many ways to a stand bag, the carry bags lack retractable legs but are the lightest bags available today, with most weighing no more than two pounds. The materials are lighter and the bags are less structured for this reason. In addition, these bags have fewer pockets and dividers. This bag tends to be preferred by individuals who always walk the golf course, as they offer minimal storage space. Only the essentials can be taken in this bag.

Cart Bags

A cart bag provides a way for the golfer to carry their equipment using a golf push or riding cart rather than walking the course. They tend to be smaller and lighter than staff bags, and they provide easy access to the pockets in the bag when it is strapped to the cart. The non-slip or rubber base seen on these bags helps to keep the bag in place on the cart rather than having it slide around.

Staff Bags

Serious golfers often turn to staff bags, as they are the preferred choice of professionals. As many of the golfers on the professional tour are sponsored by one or more brands, the bags typically feature a brand logo. The bags tend to be luxurious and roomy, yet they are heavier than their counterparts. This isn't an issue for professionals as they have a caddie to carry the bag, but the average golfer may find lugging it to and from the car is a hassle, much less taking it around the golf course. There are advantages to these bags, however. Quality materials ensure they hold up over time, they offer plenty of space to ensure the golfer has all he or she needs while on the course and they are extremely attractive.

Stand Bags

As the name suggests, stand bags feature two retractable legs that allow the bag to stand upright, such as a car or staff bag does, or canted, where two legs are extended to stabilize the golf bag while providing easy access to every club. These bags tend to be preferred by those who walk the golf course, as the bag remains upright even when used on tuft, and most come with shoulder straps. The straps help to ensure weight is evenly distributed across the shoulders, and many have other ergonomic features, including hip pads to protect against rubbing. Most bags of this type weight five pounds or less.


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