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Order Woven Lanyards to Ensure Your Logo Never Fades or Wears Off

Custom woven lanyards are great promotional items for many different companies and events. There are a lot of jobs that require either a company ID, a badge, or a key ring. Not to mention concerts, and events that require staff to have an admittance card. The same companies and businesses that use ID cards, badges, and key rings use woven lanyards like these. Lanyards provide a convenient place to visibly wear required ID cards or badges. Custom woven lanyards are commonly used in police stations, hospitals, post offices, department stores, security companies, and much more. They’re also commonly found at concert arenas and awareness events.

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Woven Lanyards: Long-Lasting Branding for Your Business

Although woven lanyards are ideally given to employees and staff, they can also be used to handout to clients as small promotional gifts. All of our woven lanyards can be customized. You can customize them with a company name logo, or brand. Customizing your lanyards will make your event or company look more professional, while giving your business a promotional boost. These particular lanyards have an additional perk as well. The colour and company name on your lanyards will never rub off or wear out because they are woven into the lanyard. You will never have to worry about spending needless money on replacing worn out company lanyards.

Carefully Selected Options

We have several different types of woven lanyards that you can choose from. Each has its own uses and benefits, but all of them provide an elegant and eye-catching appearance. These lanyards can have your company name or logo woven directly into them for a truly personalized finish. We also offer custom Pantone colouring for both the weave and material colours of these lanyards.

A Truly Premium Promotional Option

Our woven lanyards have an intricate weave pattern that is considered to be similar to the jacquard finish weave. These lanyards have more of a formal, corporate appearance to them. There are nearly limitless colour combinations available to you through our stock material colours and optional custom Pantone dyed materials. If you choose to get your company name or logo woven into your lanyards, they are guaranteed not to fade, or wear out.

All of the lanyards we offer come in multiple colours, and you can have them customized with your company name, event name, business name, logo or even phone number. The various colour schemes available allow you to choose something that fits your particular company name or logo perfectly. There are also multiple fittings available for you to choose from as well.

Some of the fittings that we offer include the crocodile clip, the dog clip, the trigger clip, and the split key ring. We also offer a whistle fitting which is great for schools, sports teams, camps and more. Our camera/phone holder attachment is ideal for employees that have to carry around a camera or phone on a daily basis. There are also safety fittings and safety clips available for people that work in high risk situations. When you’re choosing the fittings for your lanyards, you have to take what they will be used for into consideration.

In addition to colour, branding, and fitting customization, you can also customize the length of these lanyards. We can cut almost any of our lanyards to any size that you’d like. You can also customize the width!

We do offer rush delivery services for customers that are pressed for time, but it’s important to keep in mind that conditions may apply. There may be additional fees, and your customization options will be limited. If you know how you want your woven lanyards customized, and would like to know a price range, you can request an online quote. You will receive a quote within minutes after requesting it. However, if you need to order lanyards but are a bit over whelmed, don’t worry. You can contact our customer service team and we will be glad to help you choose a design that’s right for your business.

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