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Choosing what product to place your advertisement on can be tough! No one has an infinite budget to spend on brand awareness – so why not choose one of our practical options from the list of custom branded homeware below? Browse our selection and let us help ensure your product is both eye catching and useful to the recipient at the same time!

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Tools and automotive

Often the items that are the most needed when you don’t have them, make sure this doesn’t happen to your customer and get your brand associated with saving the day. From minor annoyances to serious situations, having these items on hand is a great idea but many people don’t, simply because it the thought has slipped their mind they haven’t gone out to purchase them. Choose from any of our essential items such as our pocket multi-purpose tool kit, all tech kit or our huge selection of flashlights, some of which even come as a key ring option to make sure your advertisement and this tool are never missing when needed!

Pet Products & Home and Garden

From BBQs and picnic items such as our grill cleaner or fantastic picnic basket, to indoor kitchen products such as salt and pepper mills and salad shaker sets – get your brand integrated with the custom branded homeware essentials everyone loves both indoors and out with Dynamic Gift’s pet products and home and garden sections! For our pet selection how about our promo pet collars or Fido friendly flyers? Make your company a hit with pet lovers and get that positive image that you need out into the public eye today!

Health and wellness

We carry branded hot/cold packs, first aid kits and even lip balm! Get your logo onto these and show your potential customers you care and also be associated with the alleviation of discomfort with our health and wellness products. By choosing any of these items you are placing your advertisement on a key item that will never fade out of fashion or be relegated to the forgotten drawer in the kitchen. We also carry various wellness items that promote physical activity, such as yoga mats and pedometers. Ensure your brand gets noticed on items linked to positivity and well-being even at a glance with our high impact custom designed products!

Small purchases that make a big difference!

At Dynamic Gift Canada we understand the importance of advertising in all sizes. In addition to our larger products we also carry valuable essentials such as air fresheners (because where could be a better place to remind them of your logo than right before your customers eyes?), key rings and even coasters! Having your brand on a product doesn’t always have to be huge as long as it is frequently visible and is useful to your target audience. Increasing brand awareness is linked to repetition so choosing a product like our metal fridge magnets or even cleaning cloths can make the important difference between your company being remembered and a brand that is forgotten.

With such low pricing, fast turn around and no obligation quotes with artwork mock-up –whatever you choose – big or small you can rest assured you are taking positive steps to getting your business noticed and remembered. Why wait? Contact us today and find out just how simple and affordable custom branded homeware can be!


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