Cleenfreak Printed Gym Towels

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Cleenfreak Printed Gym Towels
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  • Priced from $6.58 to $8.28

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24" H X 15" D

Gym towel with cleenfreek will make good products for customizing for your business. The Gym towel with cleenfreek when branded is a value adding product to both the business and the customer. The towel can be used by the companies or businesses to mobilize clients through gifting them or they can be used to promote the business. The towels are also a way of introducing the business to new clients as well as assisting the business to gain more recognition. Gym towels with cleenfreek are affordable and can be used by companies and businesses who are looking to cut cost on the marketing budget while at the same time gain clients in a large way. If you are also looking to gift the customers as a way of showing appreciation to them, branded gift towels, mainly the gym towel with cleenfreek is a product that will certainly not disappoint you. The branded towels adds value to your brand and the same time meets need of the customer.

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Priced from $6.58 to $8.28

Pricing varies based on quantity,
print and delivery requirements.

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