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Browse a range of tablet, smartphone and touchscreen related promotional products with your logo branded. When you give people a promotional gift, it needs to be usable, long lasting and improve the recipients life whenever possible. So a touchscreen stylus with your logo, or a nifty screen cleaning cloth can be just the right product to keep your brand at the front of their mind. Browse our products below and contact us for a no obligation quote and a virtual sample with your branding.

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9 Item(s)

Promotional tablet accessories

If you think back to 30 years ago and how technology was back then, you can’t help but snicker as you realize how far it really has come. What was once “cutting edge” is not only obsolete but even laughable now. Cell phones had flip lids, laptops weighed the same as a good sized dog and the only tablets anyone had were the ones you swallow! Tech is ever evolving, always smaller, always better, more streamlined, faster, useful, and in tune with customers’ needs. They expect businesses to be too! If you try to hand out free accessories from 1995 people are going to laugh or ask what it is you are handing them! No one wants your customized accessory cable that doesn’t fit any current products! Or your cellphone laminated cover for phones that haven’t been produced for over 20 years. Keeping your promotional products relevant to what customers need and are more likely to choose is key, and at Dynamic Gift Canada our touch screen products will help you do just that.

Back in my day...

Branded tablet accessories are a great choice for the modern businessman stood there scratching their head over what to choose. They are lightweight, stylish and portable – meaning wherever your target customer goes, it is likely to follow! Mobilize your advertising with our styluses, touch screen gloves or even our microfibre tablet mini sleeve! The fine line between new and overly specific can be difficult to navigate but our range is a great mix of up to date items that are useful to the general public rather than only a select few – meaning the recipient of your item is likely to have a use for it, not stash it in the kitchen drawer, forgotten and unused.

Touchscreens: To Clean, or Not to Clean?

Touchscreens are awesome. What is not so great are those grimy fingerprints that cover the screen, reducing performance, and frankly, looking very unbecoming. By choosing our custom printed screen cleaners you are helping your customers say goodbye to grimy human paw prints and giving them a product that they could really use. This handy item is likely to travel with them to meetings and public spaces and will be seen by the public at they stare despondently at an unclean screen, looking back to see your client smugly cleaning their screen with a custom printed cloth before taking that important Face Time call.

Tech doesn’t have to drain the batteries on your wallet!

Anyone who has been anywhere that carries the latest electronic products will have stared hard at that discreet price tag before staggering backwards clutching their chest – “$1999.95?! I only want it to take pictures of my cats! Oh well, Captain Paws must look his best for social media... I guess I will buy it”. Often people who invest in these products then cannot afford the accessories from the same place as they are also at a premium price. By choosing branded tablet accessories or touch screen products whether for resale or promotional give away, you are helping your target audience get the most out of their initial investment that they may not have had otherwise. Unwilling to invest again, they will harbour their accessories like greedy dragons in a dank cavern, and while the world may see it on display in public they will have to come to your business to get one for themselves!

Dynamic Gift Canada also offers a wholesale discount to resellers, passing on important savings and allowing you to make your merchandise more popular and more affordable with your own customers! We also offer a low price guarantee and no obligation digital mock-ups with every order, so what are you waiting for? “Swipe right” to us today and find out just how affordable keeping up with the current world really is!


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