The Double-Eagle Golf Umbrella

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The Double-Eagle Golf Umbrella
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Product Highlights

  • 190T double-layered Polyester
  • Eight panel umbrella
  • 14mm black fiberglass shaft
  • Fiberglass ribs and frame
  • Auto open
  • Black metal top and tips
  • Rubberized plastic straight handle
  • Hook and loop fastener tie closure
  • Debco's top-of-the-line golf umbrella
  • Two layers of polyester for maximum ventilation to enhance wind-proofing
Black, Black/White Checkered, Navy Blue, Navy Blue/White Checkered
Screen Print - 10" W x 5.5" H (Panel)
30" Rib Length, 60" Arc

Wondering how to make those customers come flocking to your business. Well look no further. With our golf umbrella you are sure that your company's logo or message will appear on the umbrella and help you market your company. Another benefit of umbrella branding is efficiency. Instead of running multiple campaigns for different products, a company instead can focus its efforts on promoting a single brand. For example, a business could run a single radio campaign featuring customer testimonials that develop the umbrella brand’s image. In contrast, the company would have to design and run a different commercial for each of its various products if it wanted to develop their brand images separately.The success of one product within an umbrella brand can translate into public goodwill for other products under the same brand. For example, suppose a bakery has an umbrella brand that includes baked goods, candy and ice cream. If the ice cream receives rave reviews, shoppers might be more likely to buy the baked goods or candy once they make the connection. But if each product existed under a separate brand, the success of one would have no effect on the others.

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Priced from $21.82 to $32.24

Pricing varies based on quantity,
print and delivery requirements.

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