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Once the exclusive domain of affluent, upper class businessmen, corporate jotters and notebooks are now used these days by almost everyone in a workplace environment and on the move when that important idea or reminder has to be written down before it is too late! Browse our carefully selected range of notebooks made from a combination of Genuine and PU leather variants. Enquire for a 100% FREE quote and a virtual mockup of your design prior to ordering.

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6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Deboss your logo for an everlasting brand mark

Having your logo debossed is one of many options for our branded notepads and is a great fusion of old with new. People will associate the product with luxury, but at an affordable price. It shows the world your business has class, style and enough professionalism to extend to personalised writing pads for every note that needs to be recorded. Having your company name on a jotter that is likely to travel between meetings both inside and outside the office, as well as from office to home means your advertising is working hard for you every day. As a bonus, having so many pages within, they are sure to last a long time, making for a worthwhile business investment.

First impressions matter!

It is thought that someone can make up their mind about you in seven seconds. That is not a lot of time and often you have to stand out and look the part before you even get a chance to speak. This goes double for large events and gatherings where there are dozens or hundreds of potential business partners. People are tired and often not paying as much attention to your products or services as you know they deserve. Having professional stationery is a must, because let’s be honest, it’s not a good image to ask your new contact to turn around so you can lean on their back as you write on a napkin you swiped. It also means they are more likely to remember you and your company, since they have not only just met with the representative, but have a logo or slogan in the palm of their hand. Networking is a huge part of continuous company development and something that no business, however large, can afford to ignore.

These custom printed notepads also come with an option to store business cards – perfect for that meet and greet as it looks very unprofessional and disorganized to simply stuff a client’s card hastily into your pants pocket. They are also great for taking down the names, contact information, or even memos on when to meet up in the future! The pen loop option Dynamic Gift offers means you are also never fumbling for that writing tool with sweaty hands at crucial moments as everyone stands around watching and waiting. Look like the upstanding and organized business you represent with this simple purchase that is sure to make an impact today.

Eco friendly solutions

Looking for an eco friendly purchase to show you care not only about growing your company but sustaining the planet? How about our jotter pen set that features a high quality cover made from recycled materials and comes in four colour options and with a coordinating recycled barrel ballpoint pen!

From small business to large enterprise

The use of these products are not limited to just corporations. Our colour spin rectangle jotter is a perfect item give away to students who often cannot afford to buy their own stationery. Going on field trips means they have enough to carry already but they still need to take notes. Show the world you are helping future generations with their education and get your company’s name out there on these products. Associate your brand with positive imagery using a transitional note book that is perfect for those developing minds. Branded notepads would also be an excellent item to provide for your wait staff, debossed with the restaurant’s name or logo for an enhanced professional image.

Our varied minimum order quantity options and low price guarantee means that looking professional has never been more affordable. With such a wide range of products and materials, Dynamic Gift Canada has whatever you need! Adding your own customized and personal touch has never been easier, so what are you waiting for? Order today and get jotting!


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