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Why would you give a customer or a staff member a custom branded camping chair? Well here's some food for thought: more than 30 percent of Canada’s residents are lifelong camping devotees according to the latest polls, and over half participate in this incredibly popular outdoor activity on a semi-regular basis. Once you add in members of the nation’s population who’ve only recently discovered the joys of camping, fewer than 10 percent are left out of the mix altogether. We offer a carefully chosen range of promotional camping chairs that lend themselves to being branded with your logo. Contact us for a fast written quote and a free art mock up.

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Branded Camp Chairs Will Promote Your Brand

For Toronto businesses, as well as those across the country, this points to an amazing marketing opportunity. Promotional camping chairs are the perfect giveaway item or employee appreciation gift, one recipients are sure to use during their outdoor adventures for years to come. Since your company name and logo will be printed on them, countless passersby are bound to see your name in the spotlight as well.

Digging Deeper into the Branded Camp Chair Concept

Though these lightweight, folding, easily towable and stowable chairs are geared toward campers, they’re not restricted to Canada’s campgrounds. In truth, they see their fair share of venues even in the hands of non-campers. Some additional uses for promotional camping chairs include:

  • Sporting Events: No one wants to sit on the hard, sometimes wet ground during a little league baseball game or impromptu round of touch football in the park. Still, bleachers and nearby picnic tables aren’t always available. Keep those tailgating parties in mind as well. Camp chairs are the comprehensive portable solution.
  • Summer Get-Togethers: From lazy evenings around the patio with friends to community-wide barbecues, people love coming together for fun and fellowship; of course, there just aren’t always enough lawn chairs to go around. With this in mind, gathering attendees have begun to bring their own seating in the form of foldable chairs.
  • Family Dinners: Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthdays are only a few of the reasons families get together to celebrate. Sofas, recliners and dining room tables fill up fast during these gatherings. Whether they’re held indoors or out, camp chairs tend to fill the gaps quite well.

Camp chairs come in handy in any number of situations. During all of them, promotional camping chairs embellished with your business’ insignia are guaranteed to be seen and remembered.

Ramp up Your Sales with Promotional Merchandise

Marketing studies show branded merchandise like promotional camping chairs boost marketing effectiveness by at least 44 percent when combined with other means. At the same time, these items increase brand recall and recognition by almost 60 percent.

Giving out branded camp chairs is a comparably inexpensive gesture with virtually unlimited marketing power. Buy them in bulk at wholesale pricing from us here at Dynamic Gift; take advantage of our free customization options; pass them along to employees, customers or prospects; and watch your sales and visibility soar.

Let Us Help Get Your Business Noticed

At Dynamic Gift of Ontario, we have extensive experience in this particular branch of the marketing world. We’re the Canada’s foremost supplier of custom printed gifts and promotional items. Contact us for further details or help with creating your branded camp chairs, and enjoy all the positive exposure to follow.


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