Corporate Outdoor Apparel For The Winter Months

Christmas is coming! Those three words that either fill you with excitement or utter dread, usually depending on how organized you are. Most of us don’t like rushing around at the last minute trying to buy presents for family, co-workers or employees. Trying to find something for everyone can also be a huge challenge if you don’t know them well – but generic, poorly thought out gifts are too often seen as cheap and lazy and can even damage relationships. Why not remove that festive hassle with custom printed clothing and corporate winter apparel by Dynamic Gift Canada!

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4 Item(s)

Say ‘thank you’ like you mean it

Often running a busy company leaves little time to shop – but showing appreciation at the end of the year and reminding those important staff or clients how much they mean to you cannot be overlooked in a society where personal touch is such a big way to maintain relationships, particularly in the competitive market. With our branded outdoor apparel you are not only giving your clients, staff or customer representatives a reminder that you notice and appreciate them, but you are doing it in a tasteful and professional manner that is sure to be received more positively than handing out dozens of half-melted chocolate Santas as you run into people.

A variety of gifts for all

Dynamic Gift offers a range of winter giftware goods with a variety of price points and minimum order quantities, to better suit your budget, clientele and needs. Our products are made from quality materials that will last, getting you the most value for money in terms of advertising length. We also understand that novelty gifts are cute but often impractical – which is why we lean towards more useful products such as gloves and hats, this helps ensure that your investment and advertising isn’t tucked away in the attic and only used once a year (we’re looking at you, ceramic reindeer milk jug). Check out our products that are customizable, practical and stylish all in one, such as our wireless speaker beanie hats, perfect to keep the music going and block out the howling winter wind, or worse – Christmas jingles!

A gift that keeps on giving---you brand visibility!

What's better than giving people gifts? Giving people gifts that benefit you, obviously! While frowned upon in the general family (along with rules like no re-gifting), businesses are an exception to this social standing, so giving someone a gift with your company name on is viewed in a positive manner, and your logo, rather than being viewed as self-promotion, serves as a link to a company your recipients are involved in and support. Easier than making sandwich boards for your clients and relatives to advertise for you in the cold winter streets, corporate winter apparel is a gift to help expand your brand awareness and visibility that will gratefully be worn with no further prompt needed than the cold winter days ahead!

With winter clothing being so expensive, by choosing our highly affordable branded outdoor apparel you are giving a gift that they will likely use again and again, taking your logo with them out into the world and helping give your brand that extra push at the crucial time of year when it is often so desperately needed.

Dynamic Gift Santa

By choosing Dynamic Gift Canada for your custom printed clothing, you are helping make what can be an expensive time of the year more affordable and worry free – leaving you to focus on business development, Christmas parties, finding out who authorized eggnog dispensers for the breakroom, whatever you need to do! Plus, with our low price guarantee and free artwork service we put the ho ho ho in wholesale, offering additional discounts for resellers! Also, unlike Santa, we know real business people work all year round and no one has an unlimited budget for gifts, so why not give us a call today and get started making that joyful time of year a little more stress free!


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