Get Your Brand Noticed with Printed Bags & Trendy Totes for Trade Show Swag

Canada's best prices on bags, totes, and swag satchels for your next trade show, all with FREE in-house artwork service. Contact us now using our quick quote form and let our team make sure you've got your next trade show in the bag with your custom printed conference totes, bags and satchels! We offer you the most practical and economic solutions, like non woven and cotton totes... all reusable too! Enquire today and let's get started on your trade show project now!

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  1. lime green non woven tote with black logo
    Ah-Ya Oversize Non Woven Tote
    Priced from $2.35 to $3.54
  2. black mid-size non woven tote with a blue logo
    Mid-Size Non Woven Tote
    Priced from $2.47 to $3.70
  3. black non woven tote with white logo
    Non Woven Tote
    Priced from $3.08 to $4.76
  4. A royal blue non woven drawstring backpack with a white logo
    Jumbo Non Woven Drawstring Backpack
    Priced from $2.53 to $3.80
  5. A royal blue non woven tote with a white logo
    Mini Non Woven Tote
    Priced from $2.18 to $3.32
  6. black non woven tote with full colour logo
    Non Woven Tote Bag
    Priced from $2.30 to $3.46
  7. forest green non woven tote with white logo
    Jumbo Non Woven Tote
    Priced from $3.58 to $5.46
  8. purple drawstring bag with black drawstrings and white logo
    Aloha Economy Drawstring Bag
    Priced from $3.03 to $4.70
  9. lime green cross hatched tote with full colour logo
    Non Woven Convention Tote
    Priced from $2.15 to $3.26
  10. natural coloured cotton fashion tote with green logo
    Mountcastle Cotton Fashion Tote
    Priced from $3.23 to $5.44
  11. black non woven convention tote with white print
    PolyPro Non Woven Convention Tote
    Priced from $2.32 to $2.92
  12. black non woven cut handle tote with white logo
    Non Woven Cut Handle Tote
    Priced from $1.37 to $1.57
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Items 1-12 of 14

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Trade Show Totes & Event Satchels For All Occasions

Sometimes even giving things away isn’t easy! If you are at a conference and up against other companies with their own promo items, duplicates are all too common. It’s demoralizing to set up your stall and see the two either side of you are giving away exactly the same product, but with their name on it. Then even if you can get the customers attention, why would that person, who has walked around for hours want yet another novelty tie when their arms are already full of freebies? And how do you make sure you are seen over all your competitors? Even if you get chosen, your item is likely to be jumbled up with all the others, stuffed in pockets and hidden – there goes a portion of your advertising at the most important show of the year, on this day of all days! So make sure you are practical, and take the added bonus of slyly shielding your competitors’ products by making your promo product the one in which theirs gets stored with a custom printed trade show tote!

Totes are an awesome promotional product because the customer has likely turned up expecting to carry nothing and are already overburdened and staggering, weighed down under freebies with still half the day to go. This means they are more likely to hurry to your stall as soon as they see your product – after all, it is something they need right now! By giving them a branded conference bag you have already made a positive impression and established a healthy relationship by solving an immediate problem – before you have even begun speaking!

Bags, flags, what’s the difference?

Not every company can afford a highly visible trade show tent (though we do suggest you check ours out here – you might be surprised!). So how to stand out from the crowd and lure people to you? Conference bags in bright colours are not only highly attractive to customers but a few pinned to your stall will liven it up instantly! A low cost promo item that garners public attention is an awesome idea, and hanging these bags in your stand will help!

Fashion savvy, smart promoting!

With an eye catching range of colours and huge style choices offered by Dynamic Gift Canada, grabbing the attention of those over exerted customers at a busy trade show will be much easier with these conference bags, and even more so when your bags make their way into the world outside. With fabrics ranging from hard wearing laminated non-woven polypropylene, to soft touch cotton and more, these light weight, long lasting bags are sure to continue their useful lives long after their departure from the trade show where they made their debut.

Can’t afford a billboard?

Advertising to raise brand visibility and customer awareness can get expensive. By choosing a trade show tote as your custom printed item you are already ahead of the game because you have selected a mobile advertising space with a large surface area for your logo that the customer will cheerfully carry around for you, furthering your business reach! From the grocery store, to public transport, to days out – your advertisement will go with your customer and be spotted by many. This will continue to help your brand visibility grow as your highly versatile tote remains in constant use.

Affordable and long lasting!

While choosing custom printed trade show totes are a great choice for any business, we understand that advertising has to be invested in wisely as no one has an unlimited budget. That’s why at Dynamic Gift Canada we not only offer a low price guarantee, but an additional wholesale discount for resellers, savings you and your business more money to use in other areas, or even more advertising with us! So get in touch today for a no obligation quote and bag a great deal for you and those important customers of tomorrow!