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Why you need good event and expo signage

Imagine this: You are at the annual tradeshow. This is the big one, this is the one you need to be noticed in, to network, to advance your company name because this once a year event is a huge opportunity for you. Your company makes the best pretzels, and you’re ready because you’ve worked on perfecting your products for an entire year. You know the target audience, you know your marketing, and you are ready to be the king of baked goods! You set up your pitch at the expo and are feeling positive even when a rival sets up right next to you because you know your product is better, and you can even see it in the crust of salty golden goodness. In fact, your competitor’s pretzels look like they were dragged to the expo on a rope!

Don't let this happen to you

The show opens and smugly you watch the people arrive only to go to THE OTHER STAND!? Why!? Why are they all there eating that horrible food even when you are right there with your premium product? Is that gravel instead of salt crystals I see? But still they flock to that other booth! Why? Because no one noticed you. You have no trade show signage, no vibrant stretch display stands. So for the public you might as well simply not exist. Don’t let this happen to you, don’t risk the impressionable crowds being drawn away, invest in company branded conference signage today!

On a more serious note – in today’s competitive world we all know how little time you get to make an impression. Whether the event is large or small, often potential clients or customers have made up their mind about you and your company long before they are even close enough to talk to you. Having custom printed signage is a great way to show the public that you are professional, organized and understand the importance of appearance. With our company branded, high quality signage, closing the deal or selling your product is already easier because without a word you have already created a positive impact and impression.

Portable, durable, easy to construct!

Our custom printed products come in a huge range of materials, sizes and styles. From our plain economy tent with vibrant colour options to get you noticed and a roof to keep those Canadian geese from delivering gifts from above – all the way up to our massive 10ft x 20ft decked out event tent, if you need a shelter that can be seen far and wide – we have it right here. Our company branded tents are also designed to be easy to assemble – how easy you say? Why not check out our YouTube video right here and see for yourself!

No need for a tent or just no room? No problem!

Not every event or expo has unlimited space but that doesn’t mean you have to sit at your table and hope people notice you! Custom printed stretch display stands are a highly visible item that are sure to get you noticed in the crowd. We even carry catalogue display stands, perfect for getting your information and brand name out there without having to chase after every passerby. These are also a great purchase because long after the event is finished the customer will retain your brochure and have all that vital information that they might have forgotten during such a hectic day.

Or how about extending your advertising reach with our outdoor flags that range from 5ft all the way up to a whopping 17ft in height? Outdoor flags are great for visibility when you cannot be right beside areas of heavy foot traffic with your main display or even your store and help get those customers aware of your brand and into your building!

Dynamic Gift Canada and you

The large majority of our conference signage being made in Canada means that by purchasing from us you are supporting local and national business growth, as well as employment opportunities in Canada. With this comes the security, and sense of pride from knowing where your product is being made to meet with our Canadian standards!

Don’t blend in or be overlooked anymore!

Be visible, be seen and be remembered by potential customers because you have worked too hard on your business to fade into the background and be forgotten! Enquire today about our trade show signage and find out just how affordable standing out from the crowd really is!


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