Custom Heavy Duty Workwear, Custom Embroidered Available

We offer the best custom workwear in Canada, at the lowest possible prices. These items are great for people that work at night or in high risk situations. Such as construction workers, forklift operators, airport workers and much more. We offer reflective work vests, and even a nice work shirt that is suitable for people that work in a kitchen. All of our work clothes are customizable. You can order your staff workwear as they are, or you can choose to have embroidered workwear that can help to promote your business as well.

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Red Kap authorised industrial workwear supplier

While there are practical reasons for acquiring Industrial Workwear, there are also other considerations when deciding which products to use. Business owners generally benefit when employees wear clothing designed to promote the organization, and high-quality clothing with company logos and employee names helps any organization stand out. That's why it's important we work closely with companies to identify their needs and provide clothing that not only looks great and functions properly but also promotes a company's brand in a highly competitive business climate.

Choose From a Wide Variety of Products

Work shirts, pants, jackets and a variety of other apparel items are readily available to meet the needs of automobile shops, couriers, warehouse workers, and building contractors needing rugged yet appealing workwear. Workshop uniforms in various colors, fabrics, and designs make it possible for businesses everywhere to differentiate their workers from competitors.

Choosing from the many products readily available also means safety concerns can easily be addressed. Lab coats and flame-resistant clothing are good examples of unique clothing needs our team can fill today. Restaurant needs are also readily met with our selection of chef apparel crafted to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. In addition, while almost any brand of workwear looks good when new, not all stand up to constant use and cleaning as well as our industry-leading brands.

Customizing Improves Your Brand Recognition

Screen printing and embroidery options ensure your brand is always visible. Employees are always recognizable among other workers on job sites, and clients won't have any trouble identifying staff members when visiting your facilities. Employee names can easily be added to wearables, making it easy for clients to know who they're talking to when visiting a shop, warehouse, or other worksites.

When building your brand is important, customized workwear is certainly one of the most frequently used strategies. Embroidery using quality materials is long-lasting and can easily be adapted to meet specific color and style requirements. With workwear from top brands like Red Kap and customized features, employers are making a solid investment in building their brand.

Employee Satisfaction is Always Important

Workshop uniforms are commonly required in many industries, but not all uniforms are attractive or made using quality materials. Employees notice the difference and are not always shy about expressing their feelings when the clothing they're required to wear looks worn, is ill-fitting, or appears to be poorly designed. We're here to make sure organizations throughout Canada have access to workwear employees will appreciate and gladly wear every day.

Cost Is a Factor But Not the Only One to Consider

Every business pays careful attention to costs, but the initial cost of work clothing is only one factor to consider. We pride ourselves on providing true value to our clients and also understand how important containing costs can be. Every product we carry is competitively priced, which means our clients can always expect to get great products that are reasonably priced. However, the initial cost is not the only factor to consider when selecting uniforms or other workwear for staff members. Inexpensive brands frequently don't last long, meaning it will require replacing far too frequently. With quality brands like Red Kap, apparel items stand up to regular cleaning and still look great. Employees are more satisfied and willing to wear the apparel, and your brand is enhanced when the clothing items continue to attract the attention of current and prospective customers.

We're Here to Help!

If you're having trouble finding the perfect workwear for your employees, feel free to contact our staff members for help. We're experts in selecting the perfect workplace apparel and will take the time needed to ensure you find the best options to fit your business's clothing needs.


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