Singlets, Tanks & Vests. All Available Custom Printed

It’s a common saying in Canada – you can dress up and add layers for winter but in the summer there really is a limit to how much you can take off in public. At least while maintaining your dignity! Even with the hallelujah moment of going into a building that has A/C, if you are outside or somewhere without cool air you are going to overheat in long-sleeved, bulky clothing fast! Whether it is your employees wilting over the weather or you need clothing for clients, our branded tank tops are a great choice for those warm months!

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Casual Friday meets professional Monday

Finding a balance between suitable work attire for your staff and something that is not only comfortable, but that they want to wear can be a headache. For the summer months or any indoor place where there is activity, shirts and ties just won’t do and can even be a safety hazard! Branded tank tops are a fantastic choice for any company that needs their staff to be on the go but still identifiable and having no sleeves that can get caught or torn is a bonus. With our eye catching colours and range of quality brand name apparel, your staff are sure to love them too, which means the battle of getting them to wear your outfit is already won!

Let your customers show the world they love you!

Custom printed singlets are a smart investment because they look great on everyone, and can be used for a huge range of activities. This means your customers are likely to jump at the chance to own a branded tank top, and having your logo on it means they are furthering your brand visibility for you! With so many classes such as Yoga and Pilates being held outside in the public eye, having your name or image on eye catching clothing not only makes you stand out and look professional but acts as a mobile billboard to be seen by potentially hundreds of people.

Sportswear with style

Gone are the days when exercising was done in private, wearing shapeless grey cast off clothing! With so many more sports classes available, and so many being held in public – having branded clothing is a great way to promote unity and bonding, as well as giving clients a self esteem boost before they have even begun. By choosing these sporty tops you are bringing a practical clothing option to your class or venue as well as furthering your company’s brand awareness at the same time!

Made from quality materials

Made from soft but durable materials, our premium clothing range includes cotton, polyester, rayon and viscose and our custom printed singlet’s are lightweight, comfortable and - most importantly, long lasting. At Dynamic Gift Canada we offer only quality apparel because we are aware of the pitfalls stemming from products that are poorly made, such as costly and frequent re-purchasing, low levels of customer satisfaction, and loss of interest from your target audience who will be less likely to wear your product. By purchasing from us you are helping eliminate these worries and allowing yourself to focus on the task of growing your business!

Something for everyone

Being comfortable in your work uniform is linked to productivity and overall employee satisfaction, so choosing the right outfit is essential for anyone who wants the most from their business. With a huge variety of sizes available, and both ladies and gents, or unisex – whatever you need, we are more than likely to have it here! Our sizing ranges from XS to 4XL because one size does not and should not have to fit all! Whether it is making your staff comfortable, or catering to all potential customers rather than a select few, we understand inclusivity is just good business practice.

Great quality great prices

When choosing Dynamic Gift, great products doesn’t mean ‘great there goes my budget!’ Not only do we offer a low price guarantee, but we also offer a discount to wholesale resellers – passing those important savings on to you and your business and helping you free up finances for other areas, or even more advertising. Why not contact us today and start the journey of your company looking the best it can!


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