Fashion T-Shirts For Brand Promotion Or Resale

Whether you are a company that provides a uniform, or a business looking to raise brand awareness with smart advertising, branded fashion T-shirts are a great solution for your needs. Say good bye to team building events where your employees get misplaced or wander off and you aren’t quite sure if that is Jenkins from the mail room drinking at the hotel bar instead of outside running in the company spirit obstacle course. Say “no more” to your employees turning up wearing death metal shirts to work at your family diner, and most importantly, say so long to your customers forgetting where exactly they visited last week, with our custom printed fashion tees!

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Stylish and comfortable

Our branded fashion T-shirts come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes – making it more likely that we have what you need, rather than you having to choose from what there is. Ring spun cotton is a great choice for breathability and comfort, perfect for casual company events or promo giveaways. Or how about our Coal Harbour range that comes with a large colour choice and buttons dyed to match, perfect for any business who wants to show the world your professionalism at a single glance.

Not all events are indoors! How often have you been at an outdoor event and noticed the people working behind the stalls wearing a uniform that is both suitable for the weather and activity they are doing? Our ribbed tank tops are perfect for cookout events or even trade shows when the weather is hot and what better way to promote your company – or even just sell T-shirts – than by having your employees wearing them at the event? Having an outfit that is comfortable will allow staff members to focus on their work and having your logo custom printed on it will not only keep things professional but remind those attending who you are at the same time!

Great for giveaways or resellers

Choosing what to put your brand on is a huge deal, we know that! But one thing everyone needs is clothes and whether it’s a promo item from you to further your advertising efforts or something with your logo on for sale in your store, choosing a product that is both functional and useful to the customer goes a long way to helping your business grow. With our custom printed fashion tees being long lasting, durable and versatile, the recipient is likely to have this for many years, and your brand name with it!

Visibility and security

Whatever colour scheme and style you select, having your employees wearing your branded tees serves for more than just advertising. Having a professional image is great, but having your staff easily identifiable from the general public is vital. Whether in the food industry, a garage, or even an amusement park – badges are not always easily visible, but clothing is. Identify who has the right to be wandering around in restricted areas at a distant glance with our printed T-shirts, and increase public safety and peace of mind at the same time.

Excuse me, but do you work here?

How can someone ask how many of an item you have in stock if they aren’t sure who to ask? With customers’ attention span being under constant duress thanks to texts, emails, and possibly that small child climbing the 30 foot detergent mountain you just finished creating – it often does not take long for their interest to drop and leave the store if they can’t find someone to guide them. By purchasing this product and allowing the public to easily see who is working in any place, not only will general enquiries be easier, but sales transactions will be smoother too!

Great quality and great pricing in one

Dynamic Gift Canada offers not only quality, durable branded fashion T-shirts, but competitive pricing too! In addition to our low price guarantee, we offer wholesale discounts to resellers, helping you save even more and worry less. Why not contact us today and find out how easy style, comfort and above all, great advertising choices really can be!


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