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According to recent research, over 76% of survey respondents could remember the advertiser’s name on promotional items they’d received within the past year. Additionally, an almost equal number kept these products because they were useful. People will keep various clothing accessories and fashion accessories if the item is usable, things like sunglasses and belts are a great promo giveaway with your logo imprinted. Don't delay any longer, promote your company and get your message seen!

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Which items should you consider for your next branding campaign

Promotional sunglasses are a great way to keep a company’s name foremost in customers’ minds and to get it in front of hundreds of other potential buyers. Read on to learn several of the biggest benefits of branded eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Increasing Business and Encouraging New Buyers

Everyone loves getting something free, especially when it’s something useful like a pair of sunglasses. When companies hand out branded eyewear as a bonus with purchase or to new account holders, they can stimulate action and interest during the off-season in Canada. With these promotional items, companies can avoid losing accounts and work to keep the ones they already have.

Promoting a New Facility or Grand Opening

Sunglasses and other promotional items are a great way to promote the opening of a new business. Fitness centers and outdoor-oriented business owners can use branded eyewear as a way to tell new and potential customers about a new location.

Employee Bonuses and Motivational Gifts

During the rush to profitability, it’s easy for a business owner to forget why the company is enjoying such success. Employees need a little incentive, just as customers do, and branded eyeglasses are a good way to create a positive, healthy, and beneficial work environment. With these high-end promo items, business owners have an instant bonus or thank-you gift for those who meet sales or safety goals.

Changing Product or Company Names

Promotional sunglasses give Ontario’s companies a great way to keep everyone updated about major changes. By giving away these promotional gifts, owners can give workers and customers a reminder that they’ll keep around for many seasons to come.

Increasing Trade Show Traffic Numbers

Most companies give stuff away at trade shows and conventions, but choosing promotional eyewear can help a business think outside the box. When companies give away things the recipient will actually use, more people will stop by the booth to see what the excitement is all about.

Building Customer Relationships

Every customer likes to know that they’re valued and appreciated, and promotional gifts are a great way to let them know. When a Toronto company hands out branded gifts like sunglasses, the customer gets a tangible reminder of how valuable they are.

Getting the Conversation Started

If a company is in the startup or growth phase, promo sunglasses can help them get a foot in the door. These unique, personal gifts can help businesses stay on customers’ minds, and they’re a fine way to get the message out about new products and services.

Building a Solid Brand

When a company’s name is easy to forget, it’s more likely to fail. Sunglasses and other wholesale promotional gifts from a local supplier can increase brand recognition, especially for newer companies, and they’re a great antidote to plain, boring, and standardized advertising.

To build a memorable brand and enjoy these other benefits, Canadian companies should make promo items from Dynamic Gift a key component of their marketing efforts. Check out the various product offerings online or call for further details.


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