Why Branded Giveaway Marketing Is Trending

Why Branded Giveaway Marketing Is Trending

A branded giveaway can boost your customer relationship, raise your brand’s reputation, and improve your overall marketing strategy. It’s an economical way to promote your product, making it a win-win for both you and your potential customers.

Remarkably, 8 out of 10 people own between one and ten promotional products. Most even hold on to them for up to two years! People love free swag, especially if it’s useful.

High ROI

But the question is, why are branded giveaways so trendy? And how do you know which products to giveaway without hurting your bank balance? Some giveaways are a waste of time and money, while others provide incredible ROI.

Check out this article on branded giveaways to answer all your questions!

It’s Personal

When you give out a promotional product, it’s usually in person. You put a face on your brand, shake hands and connect with your potential customers. You get to know these people on a more intimate level and what their pain points and passions are.

When you understand them more, you can target your marketing toward what you learned. Nothing means more to a customer than to feel valued. Personal gifts are much more effective than running an indifferent survey.

Cheap Advertising

Can you remember how many promotional products you’ve used? How about which company they were from? If you answered even one thing, that company’s branded giveaway worked!

Promotional PensIn fact, 66% of people can remember the brand on a promotional product they received in the last 12 months.

Typically, a call to action goes with branded giveaways. Now you have people talking about your business on social media and have your logo floating about on products that people use every day!

Your Chance to Convey
a Powerful Message

Create a product that has a meaning and a message. Pull on the heartstrings and attach people emotionally to your product. In turn, they will tell everyone they know about it.

As an Printed Pet Bowlexample, let’s say you were running a campaign spreading awareness on local dog shelters and adopting pets. You would create balls and dog collars with your logo and contact info on it, along with a statement that says “adopt and save a pet’s life.”

The word “adopt” motivates readers to action. “Save a pet’s life,” tells them their reward. They save an animal and they get to feel good about it.

Boom, you just gained the love from many animal lovers. Nothing can top that type of marketing.

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Branded Giveaway Products

Now that you understand the power and importance of a branded giveaway, you probably want to learn more about what to giveaway. We have many blog posts about which products to giveaway, and how to do it with the best ROI.

Feel free to comment below with any questions. We would be happy to help you with any information you need.