The True Value of Corporate Gift Giving

The True Value of Corporate Gift Giving

Why say ‘thank you’ at all? Is it even worth it? When it comes to corporate gifting there’s no doubt this thought crosses even the most generous minded of us, as we are struggling to find gifts for our staff or clients. What starts out as a well-meaning idea to find creative corporate gift ideas can quickly become overwhelming without guidance. There’s too much choice and how do you know what to choose? All you can see are endless web pages of scarves and novelty holiday ceramics – would your client even like that light up tie? You aren’t sure but it’s been so many hours of browsing you are now blinded by gift suggestions and no further on than when you started! But before you tear up your wrapping paper in a rage or consider travelling abroad instead – Dynamic Gift Canada is here to help you figure out some awesome creative corporate gift ideas for employees and clients and talk about the true value of corporate gifting in the modern world.

The evolution of saying ‘thank you’ in business

Business has changed so much in the last decade and with it so has our relationships with those who work alongside us. We might not even see our most dedicated members of staff who work at the other side of the country other than for a weekly video chat. The biggest purchaser of our products might be someone we know nothing about other than their email, name, and the company they run – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important to us.

The days of staff weekends away or corporate get togethers are fading because as the internet brings us closer together it means we can spread ourselves further at the same time, yet still work together efficiently. But these people still matter to us and our company’s success. Without that sale from that distant patron maybe your quarterly projections would have failed. Or if your staff in a distant branch hadn’t worked that one Saturday then that essential paperwork wouldn’t have been done on time and who knows what would have happened next. No matter how far apart we are, the need for good business relations remains as essential as it was even 50 years ago.

So how do we say ‘thank you’ now? Impersonal or thoughtless gifts are as bad for business as giving poorly thought out items to your family. Yet if we don’t know someone, how do we know what to choose? In our next section we will talk about how corporate gifts can make your task a lot easier, as well as the importance of adding that personal touch, even in a business environment.

Saving time and money, without coming across as ‘cheap’

The same way we would love to buy our spouse a new car for a gift but it’s not exactly in the budget, we are often constrained by finances when it comes to selecting corporate gifts. From many people to buy for, to an allowance that looked great until you started browsing – looking for inexpensive client gift ideas can be challenging. Individual gifts can quickly use up your budget, especially if you are shopping online and each comes with its own shipping charge!

Business man hands over wrapped gift box to client

Then there’s the time spent shopping for ten or two dozen people individually that takes you away from things you need to focus on at work or uses up your free time at home. This can leave you drained, frustrated and no further ahead – apart from a shopping cart filled with three items that in the light of day you are no longer sure are any good.

Yet you don’t want to come across as cheap. Poor quality gifts are a great way of showing... how little you value the person you are giving it to. It turns an opportunity to show your appreciation into you silently saying ‘I had to get you something, so here it is’. This can also apply to bulk buying blank items and handing them out like some sort of mindless ‘gifting robot’. You wouldn’t think to do this at home but the effect it has on the recipient in business is remarkably similar!

Custom printed corporate gifts are a great method of adding your personal touch as well as saving valuable time and money. You can create unique client gift ideas without the dreaded expense of bespoke items, or the pitfalls of bulk buying faceless tokens of tepid appreciation. They show you have remembered the recipient and you have taken the time to have something personally tailored to give them. It transforms an item from impersonal to thoughtful, while helping you stay within the budget and saving you time (and stress!). Our corporate gift section is tailored to save you the time spent browsing through our site and has a range of minimum order quantities and prices to suit a variety of budgets. Let go of your frustration, but don’t abandon your gift ideas before you check out our attempt to take some of that hassle away – so you can go and worry about other things! (by the way, did you order more copier ink? And was that important meeting scheduled for today or tomorrow?)

How to buy for those who we don’t know outside the hours of 9 to 5

You might know everything there is to know about your marketing team’s effectiveness, but who are they when they leave for the day? Or how about that client whose account is a cornerstone of your income – was it peanuts they were allergic to, or pollen?

Business people shaking hands

We don’t want to come across as uncaring or impersonal, which is also true in the workplace because even a businessperson’s perception of you matters. This is what makes custom printed items such a great solution to creative corporate gift ideas. By selecting a ‘safe’ item you are helping ensure your gift will be suitable, but by branding or imprinting your own logo or message onto it you are adding personal value, and this translates to your recipients! It shows that you value your staff and your clients and more importantly, that you recognize them as human beings, not corporate machines. This can help create a positive work environment, improve and even refresh business relationships and all without the hefty price tag of individual gifting. You are adding a personal touch that says ‘thank you’ in a more meaningful way, which in today’s busy work environment could otherwise be very difficult and challenging!

Easy solutions for VIP gifting with Dynamic Gift Canada

Chances are if you are a business owner or manager you have your super stars. We don't mean celebrities on posters or basketball heroes, but those clients and connections who without their help, your job or even your company would be a lot more difficult to manage. Key accounts, shareholders, loyal clients who have stuck with you in the good times and the tough – the list is long, and you want to thank them equivalently for all their help. But what to choose? In these special cases, generic gifts or something simple just doesn't quite cut it.

This is why we have populated our corporate gift section with high quality, low minimum order items, and our personal choices of what we feel are the best corporate gift ideas out there. Almost all of them come with their own unique packaging, adding collectability and raising their perceived value to the recipient. Like the items contained within, the packaging can be custom printed with your personal message, adding further value and individuality as a thoughtful and luxurious gift. This means you can have elegance – you can have that personal touch and you can get all your corporate gifts chosen with minimal time spent and less difficulty, making the frustrations of gift shopping a thing of the past!

Why choose high-end corporate gifts instead of mid-range items?

By this point in our article you might be thinking 'oh this sounds like a great idea, why didn't I think of doing this sooner?' Or you might be thinking 'Ok these are nice but why should I invest in higher end gifts over mid-grade items?' While every office and work environment are different, we would say that for the price difference when it comes to gifting – is it worth saving a dollar or two per gift to get something that just isn't as special?

Many less expensive items on any website offer appearance or utility, not both, and the price difference may not be much when you break it down. Sure you can spend a medium amount of money on a decent pen but for not much more of an investment, you can get an even better pen with its own box and made from higher grade materials that has been designed as a gift – not just a simple giveaway or as office supplies. Every item on our site has its audience and a place with consumer needs. Our corporate gift section has been curated to give great quality, appearance and utility – and still offer competitive pricing. So, before you think about changing your mind and ordering those items, think about the cost of gift bags. The time you need to spend wrapping and finally the reaction of those who you are planning to give gifts to. After all, you wouldn't be in this section if you didn't care about their opinion, right?

How to create unique client gift ideas – without making something impractical

Business man carries branded bag while checking his phone

Firstly, why does it matter if your gift isn’t practical? It’s the thought that counts right? Yes, it is – so why did you buy that inflatable flamingo for your client? Explaining your thought process there might be a little difficult! No matter how much you spend, creating something impractical is never a good idea. Do you really want to be associated as the person who gives out the weird and the useless? Do you want to risk clients dreading visiting you during the holidays because of that time you gave out bodyboards and they didn’t fit into their car? The biggest trouble with creating something impractical is the reflection it has on you and your business. You don’t want to be viewed as the company that doesn’t really think things through.

But you also don’t want to be boring or come across as underwhelming because that’s no way to be remembered either! This is where when creating unique client gift ideas can be achieved by custom printing and personalizing more useful items such as business bags or portfolios. Our corporate gift section is filled with fantastic ideas that will help you stay personal, be unique and most definitely lower the risk of your client saying ‘thank you’ as their hand reluctantly reaches for their gift while their eyes say something else entirely.

So you’re sold on corporate gifts, now here's why you should choose us!

The main benefit of using our gift section for creative corporate gift ideas is we have done all the stressful work for you! This section has been created from our staff sorting through thousands of potential products and choosing the best of the best. We have chosen based on style, on quality and on price – sure, everyone would like to be able to hand out diamonds as a gift, but gifts need to be attainable for the shopper, not just a joy to the recipient. So, if you are looking for the best corporate gifts for clients or your staff, with our corporate gift section you can easily find fantastic gifts, and our gifting assistance doesn’t end there! With a range of branding options through our in house artwork services, we won’t steal the joy from your occasion – the only thing we don’t do is wrap the gifts for you (although you could hand it over in the shipping box, we don’t recommend this!). When you’re looking to give gifts, make sure yours is worth giving and part of the best corporate gift ideas from Dynamic Gift Canada!