3 Types & Uses of Lanyards | Custom Promotional Products in Canada

3 Types & Uses of Lanyards | Custom Promotional Products in Canada

The Many Types and Uses of Lanyards

Most people have seen and used a lanyard at some point at school, work, or just in their day to day lives. They’re commonly used as a strap to hold keys, IDs, or access cards around your neck. However, they are also very useful and effective for advertising and branding various products and services.

Three Popular Types of Lanyards

  1. High Viz Lanyards

    These are produced from polyester with a high-visibility strip printed over the material and are primarily used for safety because if it’s reflective properties. It is suited for outdoor and night time use. High-visibility lanyards are commonly used at construction sites, mines, roadside sites, etc. You can also customize these with your brand name and logo.

  2. Woven Lanyards

    Strong and durable, woven lanyards are ideal for offices and schools. They give a professional touch to the user and are also perfect for security as they can hold IDs and swipes cards.

  3. Customized Lanyards

    The best way to promote a brand is to customize lanyards to suit your specific needs. These neck straps can be made from polyester, nylon, even recycled materials. They can also have names, logos, slogans, and other specifics to your brand.

Many Uses for Lanyards

  1. Secure Belongings

    A lanyard can be used to secure various kinds of attachments such as split rings, cell phone, or safety break clips as well as detachable buckles, lobster or swivel hooks, and retractable badge reels. These accessories will help to secure objects like keys, flashlights, ID cards, or USB devices that need safekeeping.

  2. Fashion Accessory

    Apart from identification or keeping belongs easy to locate, lanyards are also increasingly used as a fashion accessory. Lanyards customized with your own designs, colours, fittings and other attachments can easily turn them into pieces of jewelry to match your style!

  3. Branding & Marketing

    Lanyards are very popular as a branding and marketing tool. They can be specifically designed and produced for various events, shows, or conventions. You can even customize these lanyards with company names and logos to attract the attention of prospective clients and generate brand recall.

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