4 Reasons Your Business Should Try Promotional Pens

4 Reasons Your Business Should Try Promotional Pens

In this digital age, are traditional marketing tactics at risk of going extinct?

No. Traditional marketing helps digital marketing.

Sure, social media campaigns, content marketing, and SEO are important. Just make sure your marketing plan also includes promotional items people can hold in their hands.


Because it works.

In their 2016 Sales Volume Study, PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) reported that $21.3 billion worth of promotional products were sold in the U.S. that year. You can be sure that marketers didn’t spend that kind of money on something that doesn’t yield results.

And what’s always among the most popular promo products with businesses and their customers? Promotional pens.

Here are 4 reasons why.

1. Promotional Pens are Inexpensive

It’s obvious how the low price-per-unit cost of pens is attractive to your business. Small and large budgets alike have room for pens that customers can get from reception areas, trade show booths, meeting rooms, gift bags, and conference packages.

But did you know the low price-point also makes your branded pens popular with potential and existing customers?

People know they aren’t expensive items so they don’t give a second thought to taking them.

And that leads us to…

2. Pens are Easy to Keep and Share

No matter how much clutter someone has at home or the office, they’re unlikely to toss out pens when cleaning up.

Pens take practically no space to keep in a computer bag, purse, drawer or pocket. They also take little space on a customer’s desk, kitchen counter, or work surface.

People keep pens because they never know when they’ll need one. And when they do reach for your branded pen, they see your logo. Again and again.

Promotional pens are also easy to share. In real life, people lend pens to each other all the time. But they’re also easy to use organically on social media.

3. Pens Hold Their Marketing Value

There are no official statistics on the average lifespan of promotional pens. But anecdotal evidence shows that pens with logos can sit on desks or in computer bags for years.

They don’t spoil. (You can revive most dried out pens.) But in the moment of need when a person reaches for a pen and finds yours in their pen holder, drawer, or bag they are once again reminded of your brand. You can’t get that kind of longevity and impact from digital marketing.

4. Promotional Pens are Versatile Yet Practical

An added benefit of using pens to spread awareness of your brand is versatility. Ordinary stick pens might work well for hotel chains but what if you want something fancier? Or that reflects your business or values?

You can get branded pens that double as a tablet stylus. Or have comfort grips and built-in highlighters. There are pens with LED lights, great for writing in low light.

It’s also easy and affordable to get pens in a wide range of colours, something that appeals to millennials.

Yet no matter how plain or fancy the promotional pen, it remains practical for people of all ages.

Closing Thought

Marketing is a dynamic part of any business, Things change quickly in the digital space. What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. Devices, trends, and expectations evolve.

Best to balance your marketing with tried-and-true tactics like giving customers branded pens.

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