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5 Expo Secrets That The Professionals Won’t Share

5 Expo Secrets That The Professionals Won’t Share

Short of toting a megaphone and blasting about a product or service, how do the big guys get so much booth traffic at events. We have all been at an expo or event and seen that one trade show display that attracts a crowd. Part of this reason can sometimes be an outstanding new product that blows peoples socks off (not literally of course). Or possibly they could just be using some tried and tested knowledge to drag people in! Below are 4 secrets that they will never let you down.

Tell people in advance

While your competition are hanging out at the local coffee shop or having meetings to discuss strategy for the show. You can be one step ahead of them by notifying past clients about your stall at the upcoming event. Pump the details out to social media and advertising via newsletter marketing. So load up on red bull and prepare yourself for a productive evening! Going the extra step on things like this is what will set you apart not only for an expo stall but in all aspects of business.

Use bright colors

I come from a design background. And at university, we studied a whole module on colors and the effect they have on consumers. Using bright colors (within reason, of course) is the best way to not only get your expo stand noticed but encourage people to engage with you. Navy usually instills trust, Red creates excitement, Yellow is optimism. So pick some nice bright colors for your stall that will uplift people. Definitely stay away from drabs or pastels unless you are selling camouflage gear!. For a real kick, get a marquee tent custom printed with your logo and tagline.

Man your post

If you are going it alone, then don’t wander off to other people’s displays just in order to have a gander at what they are doing. If you can, take 1 or 2 other staff with you. A stall with multiple people ready to assist looks a lot better than a lone ranger or even worse, an empty display. Take it in turns to leave the stand for lunch, or to conduct some sneaky research on the competition.

Give out promotional products

Business cards are okay. But they are just okay, but promotional gifts are better if you want people to remember you then give them something handy that they can use. My favorite is the trusty pen, everybody needs a pen and when they reach for one to scribble their signature they are better off using one with your logo and company details on it. Some other awesome gifts include stress toys, USB drives, a lanyard or a cap, printed T-shirts are really popular at the moment too. You can even put together a show bag and yes, I will let you include your precious business card in there.

Play a video

No, I don’t mean when things are slow to get your iPhone out and start watching fail videos on YouTube. I am talking about having a continuously looping video or slide show of your product playing inside or at the front of your expo space. Find out if your slot comes with electricity and takes a small or medium size television with you and have your product demo on an infinite loop. Research indicates that movement will attract peoples attention up to 3 times more often than a simple sign or static banner.

This about wraps it up for my expo secrets. Remember that exhibiting isn’t the easiest way to market yourself, but you only need that one big customer to engage and it will be well worth the effort. So if you’re having a slow day, don’t pack up early or start looking down. Try to maintain yourself and when someone asks how the business is going always say: its going great!

Good luck out there.