5 High-End Executive Gift Ideas for Your Brand

5 High-End Executive Gift Ideas for Your Brand

Did you know 53% of people use promotional products at least once a week? It’s time to capitalize on these statistics with your own executive gift ideas.

Giving effective gifts to your VIP clients will not only help their perception of your business but it will also be a tangible reminder of your service. Get started building those special relations today with these 5 high-end executive gift ideas.

1. Tech Gifts

Technology is improving at a rapid rate. Show your VIP clients you’re ahead of the game with fancy tech gifts. These can include pieces such as wireless headphones, chargers, iPods, and more.

Tech Gifts

Whatever you choose, make sure that you can get your business name placed somewhere noticeable. This will ensure that your brand gets the positive recognition every time the gift is used.

It’s important to make sure that the technology gifts you use work. Otherwise, the gift won’t leave a good impression on your client.

2. Travel Inspired

Other great promotional gifts are the travel inspired ones. Nearly 488 million people go on business trips every year.

Make their trip a little easier with a well-made travel gift. These can include leather luggage tags, travel bags, suitcases, pillows, and more.

Every time they travel they’ll remember your brand and the service you’ve provided.

3. Office Necessities

Next is office essentials. This market is saturated with promotional products because it’s effective. The best time to have your client remembering your brand is when they are in work mode.

Promotional Pens

Personalized pens, notebooks, mouse-pads, and more are a great way to grab their attention during the hustle and bustle.

However, in order to stand out from the crowd, make these gifts a little classier. Instead of plastic ballpoint pens, send them metal monogrammed ones.

Here are 4 reasons why you’ll want to incorporate promotional pens into your executive gift ideas.

4. Comfort Focused

Camping Chairs

Another effective gift idea is comfort pieces. Help your clients feel relaxed and they’ll incorporate those good feelings into your brand.

Items such as blankets, spa kits, food, and wine are all great options.

The more memorable the experience the better.

5. Just for Fun

Lastly, create a high-end VIP gift full of fun items. By stepping away from traditional gifts, you can be sure that your clients will remember your business.

Fun Promotional Products

Some fun gifts include poker sets, drones, coffee makers, cigars, and jewellery.

These gifts are especially effective if they can match your brand voice and style. Want your client to think of you as a luxury group, choose jewellery. Whatever you decide, make sure it not only fits well with your clients but also your branding.

Find More Executive Gift Ideas

Many people still wonder whether promotional giveaways are still effective, and the answer to that is a resounding yes!

Unlike social media and digital marketing, promotional products are tangible advertisements that your clients carry around with them.

Not sure what product is best for your brand? Contact us! We’ll help you make the right choice.