5 Cool Promotional Items to Wow Potential Customers

5 Cool Promotional Items to Wow Potential Customers

After receiving a promotional item, 62 percent of people have conducted business with the company advertised on the product. Cool promotional items have the ability to, literally, put your business in the customer’s hands.

We’re all familiar with impractical stress balls and various other products you receive at trade shows. Take promotional products to the next level and impress potential customers.

We’ve compiled a list of neat items you can offer that may lead to a profitable future.

1. Mugs

custom printed mug

Join your customer every morning for a cup o’ joe!

Mugs are always welcomed in offices and at home. In fact, customers were more likely to recall a business they’ve seen on a mug versus radio and television.

The power of cool promotional items lies in the customer’s ability to recall and retain a company’s brand.

We refer to this recall as “advertising impressions”. Advertising impressions are calculated by multiplying the number of times the promotional product is used by the number of people who see it.

On average, mugs generate 198 advertising impressions per month! Think of how many of those people will actually circle back to do business with the advertiser. Actually, we can tell you! 70 percent of people who receive a mug have or will do business with the advertiser.

Morning coffee has never been so lucrative.

2. Tote Bags

What makes a great promotional product? Functionality.

Tote bags are useful, convenient, and people tend to keep them. With more and more businesses banning plastic bags, tote bags are a sustainable choice for grocery stores and shopping.

Businesses can “wow” potential customers with a practical bag filled with goodies. Tote bags are premier products that your customers will use and when they do, they’ll see your logo and business name, increasing retention.

3. Personal/Health Products

Remember when we said a great promotional product was functional? Everyone makes use of healthcare products and this is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on it!

Imagine your business in the pocket, purse, or bag of your customer. Many of these items are compact and can be easily stored away. They are practical and help your customer while also associating your business with a personal touch.

4. Pens

The pen is certainly mightier than the sword!

Promotional Pens

In Canada, the most popular promotional items are pens and pencils, followed by shirts, bags, and calendars. Pens are a favorite among businesses and customers because they are both cheap to order and very practical.

The average Canadian will lose 400 pens in their lifetime, so it’s safe to say that we could all use an additional pen or two!

5. Pet Products

Become your customer’s new best friend by offering promotional products their pets will love!

Tennis balls, in particular, are a great way to get your businesses name out there! Dogs love a good tennis ball and customers love their dogs.

Position yourself as a pet-friendly business and exude fun, family values.

Make the Most of Your Cool Promotional Items

Promotional products are still wildly effective. Dynamic Gift has helped Canadian businesses make the most of their promotional products with helpful articles, tips, and tricks.

Check out our blog to learn more ways you can choose effective promo items and make a great impression.