5 Best Promotional Products for Pet Companies

5 Best Promotional Products for Pet Companies

There are about 7.6 million dogs and 8.8 million cats in Canada. This means there are a high number of pet owners in the country, and as a pet company owner, you have a huge target market.

A large market doesn’t always mean an easy marketing strategy though. Part of a successful marketing strategy should always include promotional giveaways to increase your brand impact.

Are you ready to take your pet company to the next level? Check out the five best promotional products below you should definitely start using!

1. Logo Tennis Balls

Luckily, it is very easy to get your company information printed on items. Adding brand information to promotional products is one of the most effective ways to use these items.

One of the best promotional products you could do this with for a pet company would be tennis balls.

Regardless of what breed, dog owners will happily accept a free tennis ball.

2. Colourful Leashes

printed dog leash

Dog, cat, and other animal leashes are another example of the best promotional products for pet businesses.

Exercise keeps pets healthy, so a leash is a necessity for pet owners and owning more than one is common.

Making a leash appealing while containing your business information is a sure way to ensure people will think about your company while using the product.

3. Personalized Pet Waste Bag Holder

Walking pets, especially dogs, is a given for pet owners. Part of this involves cleaning up after your dog.

This isn’t necessarily a fun thing to do, but there are products to make it a lot easier.

Consider getting your information printed on a pet waste bag holder that can attach to a leash. This will provide potential customers with a compact and easy way to always ensure they have bags with them while out and about.

4. Water and Food Bowls

printed pet bowl

Pets need to eat just like we do, and pet owners are always on the hunt for additional food and water bowls. Partner with a company that will customize the bowls to contain your logo and contact information.

If possible, consider ordering bowls only in your pet company’s colours. This will carry your branding directly into potential customers homes.

5. Calendars

People love calendars. Especially ones with cuddly puppies or kittens.

Get some custom calendars made and be sure to use your products throughout the images. This not only provides people with your business information but also showcases all the quality items you have for sale!

If you know you are going to have big sales throughout the year, be sure to mark these on the calendar. This will help advertise and bring everyone in who received a calendar.

Get the Best Promotional Products Today

By using this guide, you will be ready to send out promotional products that will grab people’s attention. These products will prove invaluable for pet owners and will get your pet company in view of many potential customers.

Your next steps could include researching options for a loyalty program to keep new customers coming back.

Did we miss a pet-friendly promotional product that you’ve received and loved? Let us know in the comments!