Why branded USB flash drives are a powerful marketing tool

The key to the success of a promotional product is to choose something which is practical. One item which is universally useful is a USB flash drive as there isn’t a business or individual who doesn’t need to store or transport information.  Therefore one of the key reasons behind the success of USB flash drives as a marketing tool is the fact recipients are likely to use them. Continue reading Why branded USB flash drives are a powerful marketing tool

Top tips on how to use a competition to grow your brand

A carefully planned, well-executed competition can be a very effective marketing tool which can help business growth. A clearly branded competition has the ability to achieve fantastic reach and can reward loyalty increasing repeat sales, and grow brand awareness. Importantly, it is easy to ensure a high return on investment and improve your bottom line.

Read our top tips to discover how to use a competition to grow your brand

  1. Design the competition around clear business objectives
    Your first step is to align the competition with your business objectives. It is easy to run a competition based on a fantastic creative idea but unless this will help you to directly achieve a key business objective it may be a waste of valuable time and energy.
  2. Who do you want to engage with?
    Identify your target audience before creating a profile so you can get under their skin. This will help you to understand what will capture their imagination and how to ensure engagement.
  3. Ensure synergy between your brand and the competition prize
    Although the creative idea for the competition and its mechanics are crucial in achieving success, don’t lose sight of the importance of the actual prize. A carefully chosen prize which either solves a problem or excites your target audience will maximize the impact of the competition. Crucially the prize is an advertising tool so should be branded where possible.
  4. Carefully choose where to announce the competition
    Where you choose to announce the competition is crucial and should always be aligned with your target audience. When you profiled your target audience did you discover what media they engage with? Is it print or online? These factors will all affect both where you announce the competition and how you publicize it.

Achieve a high ROI with Branded Promotional Products

Top tips on achieving a high ROI by using branded promotional products

Promotional products are undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool with the ability to engage with your target audience like nothing else. Unlike a flyer or digital advert, a promotional product is hard to ignore and is not as disposable. If you give one branded pen or USB flash drive to a client it can have almost unlimited reach as it will be shared, therefore increasing the positive exposure of your business. Continue reading Achieve a high ROI with Branded Promotional Products

Three top trends in promotional products

Promotional products undoubtedly deliver results and can have an impressive impact on a brand. However, to make your marketing work for you, you need to select products which have an affinity with your brand. New products are launched on an almost daily basis so it is easy to be overwhelmed by choice. Tapping into the latest trends is one way of achieving this and will help you to stay ahead of your competitors and boost engagement. Continue reading Three top trends in promotional products