12oz On Tap Pilsner

12oz On Tap Pilsner

12oz On Tap Pilsner

Spreading your brand is a very important part of your business plan. Now, you can push your name even further with promotional gifts that go beyond usual office material. When you distribute your brand to popular places like restaurants, it’s certain that it’s going to bring you some new associates and clients. 12oz On Tap Pilsner is a product you want your name to be seen on, because of its fine production and chic design. The 12 oz capacity mug is made of specially mold blown glass that generates high luster on mug’s surface. The colored surface is not available, but its polished look is more than compatible with your wanted logo. Silkscreen printed brand can be applied to 1.5" H x 2.0" W area. Your customized mug can be delivered to you in a carton pack with 12 pieces that weighs 9 lbs.



Mould blown high lustre glass

Print Area

1.5" H x 2.0" W



Shipping information

12/ctn, 9lbs

Decoration option

Silkscreen printing

Colors Available


Further Information

A pilsner since its advent is being used to serve some of the most consumed beverages in the world and apart from that it manages to be one of the most lucrative and demanded drinkware in the world. A pilsner signifies a time of refreshment with some juice or beer in it and people relaxing and doing discussions. This tapered design pilsner is going to help you significantly in promoting your business.

The pilsner is made up of mould blown high lusture glass which is a known prerequisite for high quality glassware products. Moreover, we provide you with a 1.5 x 2 inch printing area where you can get your logo imprinted for the maximum exposure. We offer this pilsner only in crystal clear color because of its polished surface and lavish looks which will prove to be more compatible with your logo and the looks of the pilsner.

You can enter into a collaboration with your local bar or restaurant and provide them with these pilsners with your logo imprinted upon them. Once they start using these pilsners in their place, people will start to know about your brand every time they sip their beverage held in the pilsner glass. And places like restaurant and bars where people come to relax and chill often become a hub for discussions and when people will notice your brand upon their pilsners, they are obvious to discuss about your company and business which in turn will give you the publicity and promotion you want for your business. As we always say, that the use of our products for promotional purposes depends entirely upon your creativity and imagination, so it holds true for these 12 oz. glass pilsners as well. So step out, grab some of these pilsners and execute your promotional plans imbibing these amazing products in your campaign.

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