11 oz Medi Mug

11 oz Medi Mug

11 oz Medi Mug

Minimum Order Quantity: 50

Mug with lid. Holds up to 328ml (11 oz.) with a matte finish. Double walled porcelain mug with silicone lid.
Looks just like a paper cup, but you can use it over and over again. Environmentally-friendly and reusable as well as a great looking desktop item. 6" x 3.5".
Dishwasher safe. BPA free (Bisphenol A) and FDA compliant. Microwavable (Mug only). Remove silicone lid before placing in the dishwasher or microwave.

The wonderful make of the lowest price on imprinted Oz. medi mug is a good promotional tool for your business that ensures that your logo or message is printed within a short period. From the renowned Dynamic Gift Promotions Canada we ensure that your order is delivered within the shortest time period. The use of promotional travel mugs has been an old marketing as depicted by George Washington use of pins by his followers to show their support for him. Recent times have shown that promotional travel mugs have  a better ability to act as marketing tools. Digital marketing strategies on the other hand have proved futile in the event of a low market activity. They are expensive and require high capital investment in design and execution. Investing in promotional travel mugs therefore provides access to results that are proven and consistent.

 How many times have you gotten a pen or notepad at a trade show and thought to yourself “again”?  Right, too many times to count. Mug printing allows you the freedom to express your brand on a product that most people can never have enough of.  Open your kitchen cabinet and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Visit us and get your 11 OZ Medi Mug complete printed with your logo of your company and relax and let it do the marketing for you. It has a lid and holds  up to 328ml (11 oz.) with a matte finish it is a Double walled porcelain mug with silicone lid and Looks just like a paper cup, but you can use it over and over again. Environmentally-friendly and reusable as well as a great looking desktop item. As it measures  6" x 3.5".


Colors available

Black Mug, Lime Green Mug, Royal Blue Mug, Silicone Lid Black, Silicone Lid Brown, Silicone Lid Lime Green, Silicone Lid Matte Blue, Silicone Lid Red, Silicone Lid Royal Blue, Silicone Lid White,


6” H x 3.5” Diameter

Imprinting Color

Lanyard Print colors

Imprinting Size

6.5” W x 2.5” H (side)
2.5” W x 2” H (side)

Further information

Either you are looking for a spill proof alternative to the coffee mugs in your office, or you are searching for an amazing and useful promotional gift item to be given away at any corporate or promotional function, then you might want to try the 11 oz medi mug. Made up with heat resistant porcelain ceramic material, this mug is complimented by a silicone lid which is the reason the medi mug is spill proof.

The matte finish of the medi mug make it look just like a paper cup but the class and comfort of ceramic is felt upon using this fabulous piece of ceramic. The medi mug has a large holding capacity of 328ml(11 oz) which is ample to satisfy the needs of a person so that a refil every now and then is not required. The major attraction of the medi mug is the silicone lid placed upon the mug which prevents any damage or mess due to spills. The silicone lid also helps in maintaining the temperature of warm liquids inside the medi mug. Apart from these technical benefits, the medi mug has a large imprinting area which provides you with a huge space to print your logo which will be clearly visible to people even sitting at some distance.

The mug is available in three colors along with seven different combinations of colors for the silicone lid. That gives you some space to be creative and choose the perfect color combinations for your workplace environment. Apart from these benefits, these mugs are washable and dishwasher safe. The mug is microwaveable without the lid, and the material used in manufacturing these items is BPA free and FDA compliant.

These mugs are also an amazing promotional giveaway item because of its general usage in households and workplaces. Moreover, it is a great looking desktop item and with your logo shining brightly it will be a perfect promotional giveaway item for your business.

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